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Major Disruption at Chon Buri Construction Site: 80-Tonne Crane Toppled

thailand chonburi crane accident 1

The site of the Chon Buri Provincial Administration Organisation was the scene of a construction mishap on 12th Feb, as an 80-tonne crane dramatically overturned, causing severe damage to a parked pickup truck. The unfortunate incident occurred within the confines of an ongoing five-storey office building project, marking yesterday as a day of unexpected peril.

thailand chonburi crane accident 3

The initial sequence of events points towards the crane arm striking a nearby fence. This resulted in an imbalance, causing the massive machine to topple over and land on the unsuspecting pickup truck. The identity of the truck’s owner has yet to be established.

The accident didn’t spare the crane operator, who suffered moderate injuries to his hip and legs. First responders at the scene administered immediate medical assistance before transferring him to a local hospital for further treatment, reported The Pattaya News.

thailand chonburi crane accident 2

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