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Massive crane falls in between houses in northeast Miami-Dade

crane collapse between 2 ne miami dade buildings causes diesel spill power outage no injuries reported

On February 7th, a significant incident occurred in a northeast Miami-Dade neighborhood involving a heavy-lifting truck crane. At approximately 5:09 p.m., in the 1300 block of Northeast 110th Terrace, near Biscayne Boulevard, the crane, while engaged in standard operations, experienced a critical failure leading to its destabilization and subsequent tipping.

Technical analysis of the scene revealed that the crane, positioned between two residential structures, fell precisely in the gap, narrowly avoiding direct impact with the houses. Aerial footage from Sky 10 indicated minor structural damage to the corner of one roof, but no substantial harm to the overall integrity of the buildings.

The immediate cause of the crane’s collapse remains under investigation. However, preliminary reports suggest a possible miscalculation of the load or a mechanical fault in the crane’s stabilizing systems. These factors are critical in maintaining equilibrium, especially when operating on uneven terrain or under variable load conditions.

Florida Power & Light (FPL) confirmed that the incident occurred amidst their contractors working on an electric line in the vicinity. The accident caused an interruption of electrical service, affecting approximately 100 customers. FPL’s swift response included arranging accommodations for the residents of the impacted building, demonstrating a commitment to community welfare and emergency management.

Andrea Guerra, a resident of the affected apartment building, reported significant damage to half of the structure, indicating the force of the crane’s impact.

Miami-Dade police have confirmed that there were no physical injuries resulting from the incident. This outcome highlights the effectiveness of safety protocols in place, preventing human casualties in such high-risk scenarios.

Local 10 News has reached out to Miami-Dade Fire Rescue for further technical insights into the crane’s failure and the emergency response strategy. This incident underscores the importance of rigorous safety standards and regular equipment checks in crane operation to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

Residents Seek Answers and Support Following Crane Collapse in Miami-Dade: Homes Condemned, Lives Disrupted

In the wake of the crane collapse incident on February 7, the aftermath continues to unravel for the residents affected by the disaster. The building, which housed their units, has been declared unsafe for habitation, leaving many in a state of uncertainty and distress.

Florida Power & Light (FPL) acknowledged that the catastrophe occurred while contractors were working on an electric line, but the details of how this activity may have contributed to the crane’s failure remain unclear.

Francisca, one of the residents, shared her harrowing experience of being jolted awake and thrown off her bed due to the impact of the crane’s fall. In a quick response, she assisted her disabled neighbor, ensuring her safe evacuation from the dangerous situation.

Carlos Perez, another resident, expressed his relief at not being in his car when the crane fell, as it was completely destroyed in the accident. This close call underscores the severity and potential for greater harm that was narrowly avoided.

Several days post-collapse, the affected residents are seeking clarity and resolution. Linda Canton, who was helping her mother pack up after the building’s condemnation, highlighted the financial burdens they now face, including expenses for storage and moving.

Residents informed Local 10 News that they were provided hotel accommodation through Thursday, offering temporary relief. However, the long-term implications of the incident, including relocation and compensation, remain pressing concerns.

Perez, in particular, is awaiting communication from the crane company or FPL regarding compensation for his destroyed car, a matter that adds to the growing list of unresolved issues stemming from the accident.

This incident brings to light the broader implications of such disasters, beyond immediate physical harm. It underscores the need for clear communication and prompt action from responsible parties to address the aftermath and support those affected.

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