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New XCT50G5-1 Crane from XCMG

xcmg xct50g5 1 truck crane 1

XCMG is set to roll out its latest generation G2 products. Among them is the XCT50G5-1, a 50-ton class crane that may seem modest in size but is packed with cutting-edge technology. This model is especially noteworthy for featuring XCMG’s newest energy-saving innovations.

The XCT50G5-1 crane combines power with economy, thanks to XCMG’s latest advancements in energy-efficient technologies. This integration not only boosts performance but also ensures significant savings in fuel costs, making operations both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. With such innovations, XCMG continues to lead in providing solutions that meet the demanding needs of modern construction with reduced operational costs and increased efficiency.

xcmg xct50g5 1 truck crane 2

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