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XCMG hails the new XCT110-1 as “King of Performance”

Outrigger of XCT110-1

Recently, XCMG launched a heavyweight hydraulic truck crane, XCT110-1, with a main boom of 75m. This has surpassed its predecessor XCT110 which only has a 73m main boom. It is said to be a breakthrough in the 100-ton capacity class market.

The jib reaches 34.5m, the maximum boom length reaches 104.6m, and the total weight is 53 tone.

XCMG official said that the lifting performance of XCT110-1 is leading the industry by 5%-10%, and the high-frequency working conditions above 40m lead by more than 10%. Chassis performance: Standard high-speed heavy-duty all-terrain tires with a maximum speed of 90km/h! Three-wheel drive, four-wheel drive freely switch, fuel-efficient, high-strength pass control! Multi-mode four-bridge steering with a minimum turning diameter of only 20m! It can carry 24t counterweight and heavy load transition.

The fuel tank is designed for double fuel tanks which can be switcheed automatically. You can also add different grades of fuel, from the sun in the south, you can drive directly to the northern ice and snow!

Minimum ground clearance of 380mm; All-wheel steering, minimum turning diameter 20m; The first four-wheel drive, three-wheel drive, four-wheel drive freely switchable, fuel-efficient and high-strength pass are satisfied; The maximum speed is 90km/h and the maximum climbing capacity is 45%. Standard high-speed heavy-duty 385/95R25 all-terrain tires;

It can carry 24 tonnes of counterweight and heavy load transition; K-type outriggers, limited working space, and more flexible operation. Ultra-large tonnage X-leg evolution form, 360° no weak point performance, more rigidity! The deformation is smaller! More carrying capacity! Hanging weight is more stable You think this is the chassis of the truck crane, in fact, it has reached the full ground level!

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