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Breaking Milestones: Sany Huzhou Industrial Park’s 10,000th Crawler Crane, Including World’s First Electric Telescopic Boom

Sany unveiling the 10,000th Crawler at the factory

In April this year, the 10,000th crawler crane produced at Sany Huzhou Industrial Park rolled off the assembly line, marking a significant milestone. This milestone crane is a SCE800TB-EV electric-powered crawler crane, which is the world’s first fully electric telescopic boom crawler crane. It represents a masterpiece that combines highlights of “digitalization, electrification, and internationalization.”

With a single charge, it can work continuously for 8 hours, supports fast charging and plug-in charging, and can be customized with intelligent detection and protection functions, making it highly sought after by overseas customers, including those from the Netherlands.

History of Sany Crawlers

In October 2012, Sany Huzhou Industrial Park commenced production and achieved the remarkable feat of going from zero to 10,000 in just ten years. Currently, Sany Huzhou Industrial Park has become one of the three major research and development and manufacturing bases for crawler cranes globally.

The crawler cranes produced at Sany Huzhou Industrial Park are recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as “manufacturing champions” products. The “Key Technology and Application of Large-tonnage Crawler Crane” has received the prestigious National Science and Technology Progress Second Prize, the highest honour in the industry to date.

In 2021, the 4,500-ton crawler crane produced at Sany Huzhou Industrial Park was unveiled, marking the third time the global record for the largest-tonnage crawler crane has been surpassed after the 3,600-ton crane in 2011 and the 4,000-ton crane in 2020.

Currently, Sany’s large-tonnage crawler cranes have consistently held the top position for several years, with increasing brand recognition and product reputation.

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