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Sany delivers first SCL10000 lattice boom mobile crane

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Sany delivered the world’s first SCL10000 lattice boom mobile crane to their customer, Beijing Baihua Hengshi Equipment Installation Engineering Co., Ltd in mid-August. The crane will be heading straight to the wind farm to hoist a 6.25MW wind turbine.

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Handover ceremony of the world’s first Sany SCL10000 lattice boom mobile crane

China has been in the race to increase wind power in the domestic market since 2020 and the onshore wind power industry presents a new development trend.

The mainstream wind turbines are located in the Northeast, North, and Northwest of the country and mountain wind power markets have developed from 100m to 105m in height, and the height of the mainstream wind turbines in plain high towers is 140m.

Under the combined effect of multiple factors such as large-scale wind power equipment, cost reduction, and intensified market competition, onshore wind power has accelerated its transition to the era of parity. However, it is difficult to balance performance, efficiency and cost with the lifting equipment currently used for hoisting large wind turbines on the market.

Crawler cranes have strong capabilities, but their transfer efficiency is generally low, and their operating costs remain high. All-terrain cranes are weak in the face of hoisting scenarios above 140m. There is still a gap between the existing all-terrain lattice boom cranes and the mainstream crawler cranes, which cannot meet the hoisting requirements of large-scale wind turbines.

In order to solve the problems of capacity, efficiency and cost, the Sany SCL10000 all-terrain lattice boom crane came into being.

  • Standard wind power conditions: 110m height wind turbine hoisting, capacity 210t at 17m
  • Super wind power condition: 170m height wind turbine hoisting, capacity 171t at 30m

SCL10000 has strong performance, and the performance of wind power working conditions is basically the same as that of 1000t-class crawler cranes.

The all-terrain lattice boom crane breaks the traditional crane product design concept. It combines the fast-moving ability of the all-terrain crane and the lifting performance of the lattice boom crawler crane. As a new crane category, it fills the gap in the industry.

Zhou Jingquan, general manager of Beijing Baihua Hengshi Equipment Installation Engineering Co., Ltd., said: “At the same time as the trend is changing, domestic equipment manufacturers need to increase their product R&D and manufacturing capabilities to meet market demand. Sany has always been in this regard. Walk in the forefront of the industry. Good manufacturers, good products, good products purchased by customers, and better development of our leasing companies, this is a virtuous circle.”

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