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Sany wins three 1,000-tonne wind application cranes to Zeyou

sany scc19800tm zeyou 1

Sany successfully delivered to their customer their latest 1,600-tonne crawler, SCC19800TM, at Baofeng port of Yangjiang City, Guangdong province on 29th August. At the same time, the same customer, Zeyou Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd signed two more cranes – the SAC24000T all-terrain crane and the SCL10000 lattice boom mobile crane.

Zeyou is a leader in China’s hoisting industry and one of the top ten private hoisting enterprises in China. They have participated in the construction of key projects such as the hoisting project of Asia’s first deep-water jacket “Haiji No. 1”, the Pearl River Delta Water Resources Allocation Project, and the Lufeng Nuclear Power Project.

Wind power is one of the important business segments of Zeyou Science and Technology. So far, they have undertaken the installation and maintenance of more than 1,000 wind turbines. The three cranes signed/delivered this time will continue to make efforts in the field of wind power.

SAC24000T, SCC19800TM, and SCL10000 are Sany’s most representative products in the thousand-tonne lifting market.

Sany SAC24000T

sany sac24000t zeyou 1
Side view of Sany SAC24000T mobile crane

It has a unique double winch configuration in the industry, which can lift a 270t load to a height of 100 meters. With eight-bridge drive, and three heavy-duty transition modes. The disassembly and assembly efficiency is high, and the car group can be completed within 10 hours of the first entry. It can cover the installation of wind turbines of 160m and below, and the performance meets the requirements of 80% of the owner’s load rate.

Sany SCC19800TM

sany scc19800tm zeyou 4
Overview of Sany SCC19800TM equipped with superlift

The crawler fully meets the petrochemical hoisting conditions: the maximum lifting capacity of the 90m main boom at a working radius of 26m is 731 tons; it can fully meet the offshore wind power conditions: the maximum lifting capacity of the 126m boom at a working radius of 26m is 394t, and the super-lifting counterweight is empty. The hook is suspended and rotated, and the efficiency of offshore wind power hoisting can be increased by 20%.

Sany SCL10000

sany scl10000 zeyou 1
Front view of Sany SCL1000 lattice boom mobile crane.

The crane combines the fast-moving capabilities of an all-terrain crane with the lifting performance of a lattice boom crawler crane. Standard wind power conditions: 110m height wind turbine hoisting, capacity 210t at 17m; super wind power conditions: 170m height wind turbine hoisting, 171t at 30m capacity. The transition efficiency is high, and the all-terrain chassis can be equipped with a turntable and a mast for heavy-duty transition.

The first unit of Sany SCL10000 has also been delivered to another client in the domestic market.

sany scc19800tm zeyou 5
Zhao Jinyou, President of Zeyou Technology Group

Zhao Jinyou, President of Zeyou Technology Group-Shenzhen Yueruntong Hoisting and Transportation Co., Ltd. said: “We have more than 10 thousand-ton cranes for fan installation, and the slightly smaller 600-ton and 800-ton cranes are used for fan installation. Wind power maintenance. The three units contracted and delivered this time are all very capable. After all of them are delivered, we will achieve full coverage of working conditions in the field of wind power, which is enough to cope with the new development trend of large-scale wind turbine equipment. “

sany scc19800tm zeyou 6
Zhao Jinze (left) of Zeyou Technology Group, Zhou Guoyuan (right) from Sany Heavy Industry

Zeyou Science and Technology and Sany are joining forces this time due to their highly aligned goals and ideals. Zhou Guoyuan, the general manager of Sany Heavy Lifting Division, expressed that Sany, as a dedicated player in the professional hoisting field, has consistently embraced the concept of “innovation as the source” and the original intention of “creating value for customers.” Sany will continue to lead the industry’s progress and development, supporting the ongoing growth and advancement of hoisting enterprises.

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