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Complex 2200-Ton, 110-Meter Scrubber Tower Integration Triumphs at Inner Mongolia Baofeng Project

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In a recent engineering feat, the Northwest Branch of China Chemical Engineering Eleventh Construction Co., Ltd. successfully executed the intricate installation of the upper segment of the scrubber tower at the Inner Mongolia Baofeng Coal-based New Material Project. This achievement not only signifies a critical juncture in the project’s timeline but also represents a significant milestone in the heavy-duty tower installation process, solidifying the groundwork for the project’s overall progression.

This key equipment, central to the project’s purification system, underwent a segmented installation process, comprising lower, middle, and upper sections. With a cumulative weight of 2200 tons and an elevation of 110 meters, the installation presented substantial logistical challenges. The lower segment alone, measuring 5.2 meters in diameter and weighing 580 tons, necessitated a sophisticated lifting operation. Employing a 2000-ton capacity crawler crane for the primary lift and an 800-ton crawler crane for tailing, the operation involved an intricate aerial maneuver to rotate the section into a vertical orientation, akin to an “aerial ballet” in the realm of heavy machinery.

The complexities and high-risk factors of this lifting operation were significant. The construction crew, persevering through adverse weather conditions with snowfall and sub-zero temperatures, demonstrated relentless commitment. To ensure a seamless and efficient tower assembly, the project team convened multiple strategy sessions for meticulous planning and precision execution of the lift plan. This involved comprehensive coordination of machinery, equipment, and inter-departmental collaboration, ensuring a methodical and systematic installation process.

From the initial positioning of the tower’s lower section on November 8th to the final integration of all three sections in a precise aerial assembly, coupled with the completion of thermal insulation and associated pipeline work, the operation spanned 80 days. This culminated in the symbolic achievement of “Tower up, lights on,” marking a pivotal moment in the project. The towering 110-meter scrubber, a testament to engineering prowess, now stands as a prominent and striking landmark in the landscape of the Inner Mongolia Baofeng project.

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