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Inner Mongolia Baofeng’s Green Initiative: Propylene Distillation Tower Successfully Hoisted in Pioneering Project

inner mongolia baofeng plant 6

On October 19th at 10:28 AM, the first reactor, R-202, of the 3×500,000 tons/year polypropylene plant in Inner Mongolia’s Baofeng project was successfully hoisted.

inner mongolia baofeng plant 6

The reactor is a core piece of equipment for the polypropylene plant with a complex structure. It comprises four slender pipes connected through middle connecting beams and bolts, forming a well-shaped structure. The main body of the reactor weighs 246.2 tons, assembly connecting beams and bolts weigh 36.8 tons, auxiliary steel structure weighs 45.7 tons, insulation weighs 13.183 tons, and reinforcement for the reactor adds 2.29 tons.

After assembly, the dimensions of the equipment are 7.97m x 7.97m x 51.25m, and the total modular hoisting weight is 345 tons. The reactor’s installation height is 51.25 meters, and its equipment foundation is located 10.5 meters above the reaction framework. The hoisting method used a XCMG 1250-ton crawler crane as the main hoist and a 450-ton crawler crane for tailing, implementing a modular hoisting system.

inner mongolia baofeng plant 5

To address hoisting technical challenges and potential problems, the project management team conducted repeated calculations and simulations. During the planning phase, the project department, together with the client, design unit, Gulf Transport Hoisting Company, and Maoming Heavy Industry, planned the transportation route, ground foundation replacement, equipment unloading and placement sequence, and the layout of the assembly area.

After the equipment arrived, the installation team overcame challenges such as strong winds, large temperature variations between day and night, and significant deviations in the dimensions of steel components and steel grating plates. The team conducted on-site measurements, assembled the main components of the reactor and the auxiliary steel structure platform, and the anti-corrosion and insulation team promptly completed insulation and anti-corrosion work, reducing the risk of working at heights and improving work efficiency.

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Since the hoisting involved setting lifting ears on the connecting beam, which could easily cause plastic deformation in the connecting beam and the main body of the reactor, the technical team conducted detailed calculations on the force situation of the main lifting point and tailing lifting point. Temporary reinforcement measures were added to ensure the quality of the hoisting work and safety control.

The equipment’s scattered components, large ground dimensions, and concentrated arrival times led the project department, mechanical equipment company, and installation team to jointly optimize the hoisting plan, developing a plan from ground assembly to hoisting, and setting up a daily installation schedule. During the hoisting process, the teams collaborated closely, overcoming factors such as cross operations, strong winds, and heavy rain, laying a solid foundation for the successful hoisting of the equipment.

First Large-scale Hoisting of Reactor in Polypropylene Plant

The propylene distillation tower (T-2611), as one of the core tower vessels of the Dimethyl Ether to Olefin (DMTO) unit, was hoisted in three sections due to its excessive weight. The individual hoisting weight reached 495 tons. The hoisting utilized a XCMG 1250-ton crawler crane as the main hoist and a 450-ton crawler crane for tailing. After more than two hours of efforts by all hoisting personnel, the lower section of the propylene distillation tower smoothly fell into place in the foundation.

inner mongolia baofeng plant 4

It is reported that this project includes 24 pieces of equipment such as the methanol washing tower, propylene distillation tower, CO product tower, H2S concentration tower, heat regeneration tower, and tail gas washing tower, all manufactured by the Lianshi Heavy Equipment Mobile Factory branch. The total weight of the equipment group is 14,278 tons. Among them, the methanol washing tower has a single weight of 1610 tons and a height of nearly 100 meters. The propylene distillation tower has a diameter of 7.4 meters, posing a significant manufacturing challenge.

Earlier, the cylindrical section of the methanol washing tower and the tile factory of the propylene distillation tower were manufactured in the factory and then sent to the Baofeng site for assembly welding. The on-site horizontal assembly was carried out in three stages, and the final vertical overall assembly seam was delivered to the customer.

Propylene Distillation Tower Successfully Hoisted in Inner Mongolia’s Olefin Separation Unit

On December 2, with the successful hoisting of the final section of the propylene distillation tower, the 1st olefin separation unit of Inner Mongolia Baofeng’s coal-based coupled green hydrogen olefin production project achieved a successful topping out.

The hoisted propylene distillation tower, a core component of the olefin separation unit, stands at a total height of 83.63 meters and weighs 930 tons. To complete the hoisting seamlessly, the project team meticulously organized the construction, overcoming challenges such as limited space and restricted working areas. The hoisting utilized a XCMG 1250-ton crawler crane as the main lifting equipment and a 450-ton crawler crane as the auxiliary for tailing. After thorough preparation and detailed safety briefings, the hoisting command was issued on December 2. The distillation tower, lifted by the XCMG 1250-ton crawler crane, smoothly ascended, and by 11:23 AM, the upper and middle sections of the propylene distillation tower were successfully docked in place.

inner mongolia baofeng plant 1

As of now, five large towers, including the propylene distillation tower, have been installed in the 1st olefin separation unit. The successful topping out of the upper section of the propylene distillation tower signifies another milestone achieved in the project, marking the beginning of the comprehensive installation of equipment in the 1st olefin separation unit.

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