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“XCMG Launches XCA600_1 Dual-Engine Crane: A Showcase of Cutting-Edge Lifting Innovation”

XCMG XCA600_1 All Terrain Crane

In the realm of heavy lifting, XCMG introduces its latest innovation, the XCA600_1 crane, designed to redefine lifting capabilities and elevate your lifting projects to new heights.

Outstanding Features

Boasting a remarkable 90m main boom length, the XCA600_1 surpasses its counterparts in the same tonnage class. Its superior performance makes it a versatile solution, adaptable to a wide range of job sites, including mainstream wind power maintenance projects.

Adaptability for Varied Work Conditions

One of the key strengths of the XCA600_1 lies in its adaptability to diverse working conditions. The crane is equipped to handle basic operations with ease, making it an ideal choice for both urban and rural construction projects. With the ability to carry the main boom and transition into an ultra-heavy lifting mode, it achieves an industry-leading low height of 4.2m in the same state, allowing it to navigate through lower tunnels and enhancing its suitability for city and rural road projects.

XCMG XCA600_1 All Terrain Crane

Versatility in Boom Configurations

Featuring over a hundred different boom combinations, the crane provides an extensive array of options for lifting capacities. This flexibility simplifies the lifting process, catering to a variety of project requirements.

Enhanced Stability

The crane’s stability is further reinforced by its 10.6m by 9.6m extra-large H-shaped outrigger span. With three span combinations, it minimizes limitations imposed by site constraints, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging environments.

xcmg xca600 1 all terrain crane 2

Innovative Balance System

The application of a load-shifting balance system with three counterweight positions allows the crane to adapt to diverse operational needs. The minimum weight of the counterweight block is 5T, contributing to cost savings in transportation. Additionally, some of the balance weight blocks are compatible with the 400-1200 ton product segments, enhancing practicality and cost-effectiveness.

Compatibility Across Models

Adding to its appeal, the XCA600_1 shares compatibility with fixed and telescopic booms from other XCMG crane models such as XCA350, XCA400, XCA400L7, XCA460, and XCA500L7. This high level of accessory compatibility ensures cost savings during the procurement process.

In conclusion, the XCA600_1 is not just a crane; it’s a game-changer in the lifting industry. With its advanced features, adaptability, and cost-effective design, this crane is poised to transform lifting operations and set new standards in the heavy machinery sector. Elevate your lifting endeavors with the groundbreaking XCA600_1 from XCMG.

xcmg xca600 1 all terrain crane 3

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