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11 Top Largest Crawler Cranes In The World (2022)

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1. Sany SCC45000A (4,500 tonnes)

Chinese crane manufacturer claimed to have unveiled the largest crawler crane in the world with its 4,500-tonne SCC45000A in November 2021.

The 4,500-tonne monster has a maximum load moment of 98,000 tonne/metres in its twin-boom configuration.

211111 sany scc45000a debut 2

It features a 126.5 metre main boom plus a 15.5 to 48.5 metre fixed jib, while a 30.5 to 108.5 luffing jib can be added for a maximum system length of 216.5 metres. It has a 62-metre twin Superlift back mast/derrick boom which provides a ballast radius of 28 to 37 metres for its tracked counterweight system.

The crane can also be set up with a single boom with a maximum capacity of 2,000 tonnes. In this configuration, it offers a main boom length of 108.5 metres or 102 metres with an 18.5 fixed jib. A 108.5-metre luffing jib can also be installed on a 96-metre main boom, with a 53-metre derrick boom and suspended counterweight radius of 27.5 to 33.5 metres.

2. XCMG XGC88000 (4,000 tonnes)

xgc88000 guangdong quench tower lift
XGC88000 Lifting Column In China’s Refinery.

It was a major breakthrough for the Chinese manufacturer after they developed the 4,000 tonnes XGC88000. Jointly developed by Chinese oil company Sinopec, the crane was set to debut in Bauma Shanghai in 2010, but it didn’t happen.

With a whopping 88,000 t/m load moment, it has topped the chart for being the largest crawler crane on land.

3. Demag CC 8800-1 TWIN (3,600 Tonnes)

Demag CC 8800-1 Twin is an enhanced version of CC 8800-1 which has an additional TWIN kit that makes the crawler crane so powerful. The two boom system freely mounts onto the crawler and boosts a lifting capacity of 3,200 tonnes, twice the amount of his smaller brother CC8800-1.

bigge cc8800 1 twin boom
USA Bigge’s Demag CC8800-1 Twin

The first model was introduced in 2007 and sold to Al Jaber Heavy Lift and Transport based in UAE where it worked in the nuclear power industry and oil refineries.

4. Sany SCC36000TM (3,600 tonnes)

Demag CC 8800-1 TWIN and Sany SCC36000TM have shared the same spot with a maximum capacity of 3,200 tonnes. Like Demag CC8800-1 TWIN, SCC36000 is also designed with a twin-boom system, but the difference is that the former is a combination of CC8800-1 while SCC36000 is designed as a whole crane.

sany scc36000 crawler crane

On 18th May 2011, the Sany SCC36000TM rolled off the production line as their largest flagship crawler crane. The crane has a maximum lifting moment of 86,000 tm and the crane will be mainly working on nuclear power projects in China.

5. Liebherr LR 13000 (3,000 Tonnes)

The Liebherr LR 13000 was introduced to the market in 2010. It offers a huge lifting capacity of 3,000 tonnes, making it the most conventional crawler crane in the world.

Only a few LR 13000 crawler has been manufactured so far and operated in various regions across the world including the Netherlands, Germany, Mexico and Asia.

6. Manitowoc 31000 (2,300 Tonnes)

The 31000 was by far the largest crawler crane that Manitowoc Cranes has manufactured and the first crane was delivered to South Korea for its first lift for Chunjo Construction Company.

The lattice boom crawler crane features the Variable Position Counterweight (VPC) that minimises the crane’s footprint and ground preparation. As load increases on the hook, the VPC is automatically repositioned to maintain a balanced load moment.

7. Zoomlion ZCC32000W

The 2,000-ton ZCC32000W is an all-conditions product with a maximum load moment of 32,000 ton-meters and a maximum boom height reaching 168 meters and has adopted the modular super-wide dual-boom design. It can adapt to a variety of complex hoisting conditions with improved lifting performance of 10-20 per cent compared to products of the same class.

The model can switch between single-engine or double-engine operation per the user’s hoisting needs, selecting either low fuel consumption or strengthened power operation. The system is highly safe and secure and can achieve efficient disassembly and assembly.

Just in March 2021, Zoomlion successfully signed an order with Turkey’s largest crane equipment leasing company to import the ZCC32000W, setting a new record for the largest tonnage crane to be manufactured in China. It marks the entry of super large-tonnage cranes into the international market.

8. XCMG XGC28000 (2,000 tonnes)

XGC28000 was the highlight for China manufacturer XCMG during 2010 Bauma China exhibition in Shanghai. The crane was rated at 2,000 ton capacity at 14 metre working radius and having a maximum load moment rating of 28,000 ton-metres. The longest boom and jib configuration is 156 metres, which application is for unclear power plant construction, wind farms and chemical industry.

9. Demag CC 8800-1 (1,600 tonnes)

Here comes the younger brother of Demag CC 8800-1 TWIN. It has a maximum load moment of 26,160 tm and a retrofittable Boom Booster that can increase load capacity up to 90% and then dismantle it into several parts for easy transport.

The CC 8800-1 also boasts a hook height of 231m and despite its sheer size, the CC 8800-1 can be easier to handle down to the smallest details in terms of transport, erection and maintenance.

10. Sany SCC16000 (1,600 tonnes)

It was in 2008 when Sany agreed with Guangdong Power Engineering Corporation on the co-development of this crane. The R&D started in October 2008 and orders were secured with customers in China at the end of the same year.

The crawler has 20 state-authorised patents with three in the category of National Invention Patent, 15 in the category of Applied Patent and two in the category of Appearance Patent.

It also complies with the certification requirements of CE, North America, Australia, Russia and Taiwan.

This model is said to be designed to be a direct competitor for Demag CC 8800-1.

At the same time, it was the first crane in its country to lift a 6 MW wind turbine.

11. Liebherr LR 11350 (1,350 tonnes)

Mammoet LR11350 lifting the R-101 Vessel. Source: KHL

This is the second crawler that gets into the Top 10 list for Liebherr. The LR 11350 crawler crane sets the standard in the crane over 1000 tonnes. It delivers outstanding load capacity over its entire operating range. This crawler crane is particularly suitable for universal use in offshore handling as it can operate with and without PowerBoom.

With a wide range of boom systems, the LR 11350 can be used flexibly with or without a derrick system. A ballast trailer and suspended ballast are available for the ballasting system. Its range of features is rounded off by high safety standards and great ease of operation.

The 1,350 tonnes crawler crane boosts a maximum load torque of 22,748 tm.

More info on Liebherr LR 11350 can be found here.

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