XGC28000 was the highlight for China manufacturer XCMG during 2010 Bauma China exhibition in Shanghai. The crane was rated at 2,000 ton capacity at 14 metre working radius and having a maximum load moment rating of 28,000 ton-metres. The longest boom and jib configuration is 156 metres, which application is for unclear power plant construction, wind farms and chemical industry.

The showcase unit was the first prototype and a six months testing was scheduled in 2011.

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The gigantic 2000 ton crawler crane has again set a new record by lifting a 1,340-ton hydrocracking reactor in Sinopec’s Quanzhou refinery base in September 2009. The crane uses 60m heavy-duty boom, 340-ton turntable counterweights, 111-ton crane body counterweights, 640-ton super lift counterweights in 30m super lift radius and lifted the hydrocracking reactor at a 14m working radius. It broke its previous record of lifting a load of 958 ton in Maoming, Guangdong.

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