Kobelco SL13000

In 1993, Kobelco has released the sales of one of the largest crawler crane within the Japan domestic market – SL 13000. The 800t crawler crane has been purchased by few of the largest crane rental company in Japan like Uchimiya and Kitashikoku.

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Product Description


  • Max. lifting capacity: 800t x 14.0m
  • Max. boom length: 115.8m (with 54.9m mast)
  • Max. lifting capacity on luffing jib:
    • 396t x 18.0m (luffing boom)
    • 396t x 28.0m (fixed boom)
  • Max. luffing combination: 85.3m + 79.3m (with 42.7m mast)
  • Standard counterweight: 168t
  • Counterweight trolley: 240t x 2 sets (dimension L3.3m x W8.2m x H2.9m)
    • Trolley position: 17.8m / 20.0m / 22.0m
    • Rear turning radius: 21.84m ~ 26.21m


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