Kobelco CKS900

Japanese manufacturer, Kobelco Cranes has started their production for the new S series crawler crane, targeting at market outside of Japanese, Europe and North America. Kobelco CKS900 is one of the 10 models in the new S series crawler crane.

Common to both G and S ranges is the Kobelco G-Mode energy-saving software. The S series also benefits from a redesign of several main components in order to make the crane easier to transport, including an overall width of 2.99 metres and and light main body (no more than 45 tonnes).

An optional safety device indicates the exact amount of counterweight, slew angle and ground level sensor – all of which are displayed on a monitor in the newly designed operator cab. The new S models can also be adapted for both bucket and lifting application with a switchable hydraulic circuit set to either dual-pump or single-pump flow.

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