Sany SCC10000

Under the strong R&D and manufacturing facilities, Sany became the first Asian crane manufacturer to developed 1,000-tonne crawler crane and the first unit rolled off the production line in 2008.

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Product Description

The above photo is taken at Fuqing nuclear power station in Fujian, China for the lifting of the dome of the nuclear power station. The dome stands 11m in height, 37m in diameter and weighing 170 tons. The SCC10000 uses the LJDB configuration (60m main boom + 54m luffing jib + superlift mast + superlift counterweight) to hoist the dome in a working radius of 24m and height of 60m.

The crawler crane has been working continuously for nearly 60 days since launched in 18th June 2010 and has also completed numerous complex hoisting operations, such as suspension girders and steel structures as reported by Zhongyuan Engineering Corp, a branch company of China National Nuclear Corporation.

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Technical Specifications

  • Max. Lifting Capacity: 727 ton
  • Max. Boom Length: main boom 30~90m
  • Max. Fixed Jib Length: 18m (both heavy and Light Duty)
  • Max. Luffing Jib Length: 30~96m
  • Max. Combination: (48+96)(54+84)(60+48),

Superlift Specification

  • Max. Lifting Capacity: 1000 ton
  • Max. Boom Length: 42~120m
  • Max. Fixed Jib Length: NA
  • Max. Luffing Jib Length: 30~96m
  • Max. Combination: (96+96), a maximum height of approx 190m.

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