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Jaso to unveil new tower crane portfolio at Bauma 2022

jaso presents new tower crane bauma 2022 2

You will also be able to see the first glimpse of two new crane models at our booth (FS.1003/8): the Low Top J390 and the Flat Top J235.12.

This edition will be the perfect occasion to unveil our reformulation of tower crane families, and showcase two new models:

The J390 is a Low Top crane with a maximum load of 24 tonnes and a tipping load of 3.8 tonnes for maximum outreach of 75 metres, whose length can be increased into 5-metre sections. It has versatile load chart options and its features include a 15.3-metre swing radius, lay flat counterweights and a maximum free-standing height of 81.4 metres with a 2.16-metre tower system.

The J235.12 is a Flat Top crane with a maximum load of 12 tonnes and a tipping load of 2.6-tonnes. It has a boom length of 30 to 65 metres, which can be increased to 5-metre sections. It stands out for its 14.9-metre swing radius, lay flat counterweights, 55.9-metre free-standing height with a 1.75-metre tower system and its high-performance mechanism, with a maximum of 225 m/min (65kW).

Both cranes are optimized for transport/assembly and feature the energy-efficient ECO Mode system to reduce the carbon footprint.

jaso presents new tower crane bauma 2022 1

In addition, they will showcase their JL25 hoist, equipped with their pioneering rack-and-pinion system and designed to allow the better operator and maintenance personnel access to the tower crane.

The JL25 ensures maximum safety for workers due to its location on the outside of the crane (making it easy to rescue the operator if necessary) and its two redundant drive units with centrifugal brakes. In addition, it has an intelligent fault detection system. It has a wide and comfortable cabin, suitable for two people (250 kg), a maximum height of 150 metres and a portable, easy-to-use control system, LOTO, without padlock or keys. Among its highlights: no parachute maintenance is required and it is designed for more than 35 years of service life.

Finally, representing JASO’s elevator division, JASO Elevation Systems, they will be showcasing the GE2050 model for the first time.

The GE2050 is a personnel and material hoist for construction projects. With a maximum load of 2,000 kilos or 18 people, and a lifting speed of 50 m/min. and a maximum height of 200 metres, it also stands out for its two available cabin sizes, for having a mast and components compatible with GP40, GE0525 and GM1500 and for having different accessories to adapt to any project. The ECO Mode system reduces its energy consumption, making it an environmentally friendly elevator.

If you are going to attend this event, see them at stand FS.1003/8 to learn more about their new products.

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