Demag CC8800-1

The CC8800-1 is a 1,600 tonnes crawler crane that has been developed more than a decade ago for the heavy lift that is taking place in oil and refinery industry, as well as the installation of a super heavy structure. The CC8800-1 was developed after Terex has made a major upgrade on having stronger boom sections than CC8800.

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Imperial, EN (2017)
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Metric, EN (2018)
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Metric, EN (Boom Booster)
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Boom Booster (2016)
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Metric, EN (2016)
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Metric, EN (2010)
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Imperial, EN (2016)
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Metric, EN (2007)
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Imperial, EN (2009)

Product Description

Development of CC8800-1 TWINBOOM

Later in 2010, Terex and it’s designed partner whom one of Dubai’s largest crane company, Al Jaber, CC8800-1 TWIN system was developed, using two sets of lattice booms in parallel,  which boosted the lifting capacity to 3,200 tonnes. Al Jaber had also become the first owner of the CC8800-1 TWIN.

All-New Boom Booster Kit

In 2014, Terex released an all-new Boom Booster Kit enhancement for the CC8800-1, enabling the crane’s lifting capacity to increase up to 90%, enabling the 1,600 tonnes cranes to outlift any other crane within the 1,000 to 2,000 tonnes capacity range. The Boom Booster is designed to increase performance when working with steep and long boom configurations, especially in fields of petrochemicals, wind energy, and power plant installation. The kit offers up to 72 metres of wedge-shaped boom structure with top and bottom adapter flaring out at 10 metres width and 11 metres in length – nearly three times of the current standard boom width. It also comes with five 10 metres long intermediate boom sections to expand its ability to work at a boom length up to 50 metres. In addition, the Boom Booster Kit was designed for quick and cost-effective transportation. All attachments can be shipped in just seven 40 feet containers.



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