Kobelco 7250S

The Kobelco 7250S is the new S series of their crawler crane which production line commences in 25th November 2011. The new models are for the world markets, but excluding Japan, Europe and North America.

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Max. Lifting Capacity: 250 t x 4.6 m
Max. Lifting Capacity With Tower Jib: 25.0 t x 18.0 m
Max. Crane Boom Length: 76.2 m
Max. Long Boom Length: 91.4 m
Max. Fixed Jib Combination: 76.2 m + 30.5 m
Max. Tower Jib Combination: 64.1 m + 51.8 m

Kobelco adopted a new energy-saving assist system called “G-mode” which help to reduce 25% fuel consumption for the crawler cranes and the newly improved compact designs provide greater ease for on-road transportation.

Furthermore, one of the other main features is it has counterweight self-installation mechanism whereby counterweights can be stacked up on the ground and installed on the crawler crane with the help of vertical cylinders. Their aim is to create better safety environment and work efficiency.

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