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The LR1500 was one of the special highlights during the two days of Liebherr’s Customer Days in June 2015. The 500-ton capacity class crawler crane was a completely newly developed delivers the load capacities throughout its complete operating range while upholding the dimensions and component weights while previously been a standard for 400-ton capacity class crawlers.

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Compact Dimensions

TThe track width of the LR 1500 is 24’11”/ 7.6 meters and within the 400-ton class range. The standard base plates on the LR 1500 measure 4’11”/ 1.5 meters in width to achieve low ground pressure.

The derrick system on the LR 1500 is also designed for maximum performance with compact dimensions. The derrick boom is 98 ft/ 30 meters in length and the derrick ballast is up to 617,300 lbs/ 280 tons. The derrick radius can be adjusted in a very large range from 30 ft/ 9 m to 53 ft/ 16 m. A minimum derrick radius of just 30 ft/ 9 m is an excellent value for a 500-ton class crawler crane.

Ease of Transportation & Economical Advantages

With a transport weight of just 45 ton, it can be transported anywhere around the world without restrictions. The crane’s concept was designed based on simplicity in all areas and better economic gains.

The powerful main hoist gear with its rope hoist of 180 kN can handle all hoists up to the maximum load capacity. This makes crane operation easier since it means that there is no need for a second winch for dual operation for heavyweight hoists. Another winch with a rope hoist of 125 kN is only needed if the crane is operated with a runner.

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The designers also developed the whole lattice boom system to be simple. They reduced the number of parts and parts range on the new LR 1500 by deliberately not using the otherwise standard divisions of lattice elements. That makes the transport and erection of the lattice boom simpler and therefore more economical.

Maximum performance and sensitivity with closed hydraulic circuits

Once again for the new LR 1500, Liebherr uses a technology which has been proven in other large crawler cranes in the LR series. All the winches, the slewing gear and the drive units for the crawler travel gear have closed hydraulic circuits.

  • No mutual influencing of different movements when activated simultaneously
  • Maximum speeds of individual functions
  • Sensitive, smooth start of movements
  • Simultaneous operation of all winches and the slewing gear
  • The energy generated by lowering the load is available as additional drive capacity for simultaneously activated movements

Powerful Engine

The LR1500 shares the same kind of 350 kW engine used on Liebherr LR1600/2, giving it plenty of power for traveling. The 6-cylinder inline engine meets the emission regulations of Stage IV / Tier 4f.

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Lifting Greater Heights

The LR1500 is able to deliver heights of a 600-ton crawler, with an 84m main boom + 84m luffing jib configuration. The 250-ton jib head on the luffing jib is interchangeable for use on SL main boom operation. A 400-ton head is available as standard for S main boom for heavy lifting, which is lighter weight compared to the optional 500-ton head, thus increasing lifting capacities.

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