Liebherr LR11350

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Max. Rated Capacity


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Product Description

Liebherr has unveiled the PowerBoom system for the LR11350 crawler at their Ehingen’s factory in Germany. Originally developed for the LR13000, the innovative technology has also been transferred to the smaller LR11350.

The innovation uses two parallel booms to improve the lifting chart of the crane by up to 70% in some scenarios.

Technical Specifications

Technical Data Metric Imperial
Max. load capacity 1,000 t 2,205,000 lbs
at radius 11.00 m 36 ft
Main boom, lightweight/heavyweight from 18 m 59 ft
Main boom, lightweight/heavyweight up to 156 m 510 ft
Max. load torque 15,171 tm 112,000,000 lbs-ft
Lattice jib from 18.0 m 59 ft
Lattice jib up to 114.0 m 374 ft
Derrick boom from 30 m 98 ft
Derrick boom up to 36 m 118 ft
Central ballast 90 t 198,500 lbs
Counterweight at superstructure 250 t 551,000 lbs
Derrick ballast 450 t 992,000 lbs
Engine power 500 kW 680 hp
Driving speed 1.36 km/h 680.00 mph
Total ballast 790.00 t 1,741,650 lbs


China purchased the world’s first LR11350

The first unit of LR11350 in the world was delivered to China, which also was China’s first unit of LR11350. In fact, the second unit manufactured went to China as well.


Weldex purchased the first unit of LR11350-P1800

Weldex has show interest and bought the first unit of the LR11350-P1800. The crane was immediately shipped from the factory to Eemshaven, the Netherlands for a wind power job. The job was a joint effort together with Mammoet, which was also one of the major Dutch competitors.

The scope was to lift the 18 meters by 7 meters machine housing of a 6MW class wind turbine belonging to Repower (renamed to Senvion). The 340 tonnes load has to be raised onto a tower of height 110 meters. The gross weight of the load including hook and tackle was 378 tonnes. A total of two 6MW from Repower was installed by the LR11350-P1800 in Eemshaven, which both served as test facilities. Plans are for 48 turbines of the similar type to be installed from 2013 onwards in the North Sea East offshore wind park, off the island of Heligoland.

GTA purchase the first unit of LR11350 with PowerBoom in Asia

After the purchased of the first unit of LR11350, GTA has purchased their second unit of LR11350 in Indonesia. The new crane was ordered with the PowerBoom system and becomes the first LR11350 in South East Asia to have the Power Boom system.

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Find the full story here.

VIETSOVPETRO (VSP) purchased the first LR11350 in Vietnam in 2009

Joint Venture “VIETSOVPETRO” (VSP) has taken delivery of the first unit of Liebherr LR11350 in Vietnam in 2009.

The crawler crane was delivered to the JV fabrication yard in Vung Tau, performing lifting duties throughout the fabrication of modules for Hai Thatch wellhead platform (WHP-HTI Jacket) for Bien Dong 1 project.