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Top Crane Accidents & Recoveries In November/December 2021

211222 turin crane accident italy 3

1. Tower Crane overturned in Southern Germany

A tower crane collapsed on a job site in Gemmingen, near Heilbronn in southern Germany, last Monday (1st Nov), damaging a truck parked nearby.

211104 tower crane accident gemmingen

The tower crane, which appears to be a well-used self-erector with counterweighted cruciform base, was lifting a concrete panel on a new low rise residential building when it overturned, coming down between the two buildings, causing minor damage to the roof of one structure, while the tower almost flattened the delivery truck.

2. Telescopic Crawler Collapsed in Japan

According to the fire department, at around 10:30 am on the 2nd of November, a construction worker reported to the fire department that the crane had collapsed at the construction site in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture, Japan.

211104 crane accident japan 1

It was reported the crane to be a 50 tonnes telescopic crawler, and the operator in his 70s suffered an abrasion on his left leg and was taken to a hospital in the city for an emergency, but it was a minor injury.

3. Grove all-terrain overturned in Germany

The four-axle Grove from the Armbruster Kran fleet overturned last week Tuesday (9th Nov) after lifting a large electrical mast/pole/pylon in Schlaitdorf, southwest Germany.

11 2021 11 02 schlaitdorf mobilkranunfall 1 e44cf075

The mobile crane was lifting the eight-tonne, 18 metres long mast from a narrow single track road with minimal counterweight, short rigged outriggers and large ground mats bridging the road verge and the grass. It looks as though the load side outrigger mats sunk into the grass, causing them to tilt (the inner edge of the mats was on the road) the crane then appears to have shifted a little on its base, which looks to have caused the outrigger beams to retract, resulting in a loss of stability.

Read full news here.

4. Mega Crane Collapsed In Batam Indonesia

It was reported that a crawler crane working in a shipyard in Batam, Indonesia has collapsed, causing two fatalities.

Looking at the photo that I have received, it was the 1,250-tonne XGC16000 crawler crane that has been delivered to Indonesia in 2014, which was claimed to be one of the largest capacity crawlers exported out from China.

20111120 xgc16000 xcmg

5. Tuschen man electrocuted while helping to remove accident vehicle

A 28-year-old man was electrocuted on Sunday afternoon while assisting a pensioner who was involved in an accident along the Zeelugt Public Road, East Bank Essequibo (EBE).

211126 tuschen man eletrocuted in accident removal

Police said that Seeram Jainarine also known as ‘Akash’, 28 years of Lot 300 Tuschen North, EBE died around 6 pm on Sunday after the crane which he was operating came into contact with a Guyana Power and Light (GPL) electrical wire.

Read full news here.

6. Crane operator killed in an accident in Sarawak

A crane operator was killed in a freak accident last Wednesday (8th Dec) when a crawler crane has tipped over to its side. The incident happened near a supermarket in Jalan Petanak around 7.20 pm

211209 sarawak crane accident

The Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) in a statement said at the scene, the deceased’s body was trapped under the crane which had tipped over on its side.

Read full news here.

7. Five killed in van & truck crane collision in Cambodia

Five people died and six others were seriously injured in a traffic accident on 4th December when a crane truck and a passenger van collided. The incident took place on National Road 3 in Kep Thmey village of Boeng Tuk commune in Bokor town of Kampot province, Cambodia.

211209 cambodia crane accident five killed

Read full news here.

8. Roughter’s Boom hit oncoming goods truck in Sapporo

The boom of the mobile crane is stuck right next to the truck. A security camera captured the moment of the accident that occurred in Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo, Japan on the 3rd of December.

211209 roughter skidded hit truck sapporo

Around 7:00 am morning, a rough terrain crane collided with a truck at Yonesato 2-3-chome, Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo, and the boom struck and pierced into the body of the truck. The truck driver was slightly injured in the incident.

Read full news here.

9. Mobile crane collapsed in a densely populated residential area in Tokyo

On the morning of the 16th November, at a demolition worksite in a residential area in Kita-ku, Tokyo, the rough terrain crane working on-site suddenly collapsed and turned upside down. 

211209 tokyo rough terrain accident 4

Fortunately, no one was injured, but it has not been removed, and more than 10 households in the area have been evacuated.

Read full news here.

10. Tower Crane Collapsed In Bangkok, Killing One

Police will call the engineer in charge of a condominium construction site in for questioning after a tower crane collapsed there last Tuesday morning, killing one person and injuring two others, in Bang Po, Samut Prakan province.

The crane fell on top of an adjacent row of rented rooms. 

211217 bangkok tower crane collapse
People gather at the construction site in Bang Bo district, Samut Prakan where a tall crane collapsed late on Tuesday morning, killing one person and injuring two others. (Photo: @rkupreng Ruam Katanyu rescue volunteer team Facebook page)

Read full news here.

11. Worker Killed In Cotai Construction Accident

An accident at a construction site in Cotai has claimed the life of a 43-year-old non-resident worker from mainland China, the Judiciary Police announced in a short statement on Saturday.

211218 worker dead in cotai macau accident

The accident occurred at the Studio City Phase 2 construction site last Friday evening when a group of workers was adjusting the position of a frame on the 39th floor of the building.

Read full news here.

12. Migrant Worker Passes Away After Crane Accident In Singapore

Last Saturday (11 Dec), a construction worker from Bangladesh, Isalm Robiul, passed away due to an accident at HomeTeamNS Bedok clubhouse worksite.

211218 worker died tower crane accident singapore

At the time of the accident, the steel bars were being lifted by a tower crane, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) told The Straits Times.

The fatal incident occurred at a worksite in Bedok Reservoir Park, where a clubhouse for Home Team national servicemen (NSmen) is being built.

13. Crane collapse in northern Italy’s Turin kills 3

A mobile crane and a tower crane has collapsed on a street in the northern Italian city of Turin, killing three construction workers and injuring passersby Saturday, firefighters and news reports said.

211222 turin crane accident italy 5

Two of the workers died at the scene and their bodies were extracted from the twisted blue metal, firefighters said in a tweet. The third was taken to a local hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

Read full news here.

14. Worker Falls From Tower Crane In Tokyo

A male worker fell from a tower crane at a construction site in Minato-ku, Tokyo, and was later confirmed dead.

211223 tokyo worker fall from tower crane

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, etc., before 4:00 pm on the 22nd Dec, at the construction site of Toranomon, Minato-ku, there was a report that “a male worker fell from a height of 15 metres”.

Read full news here.

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