XCMG XGC16000 (1,250t)


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On 8 August 2014, XCMG XGC16000 has been successfully exported to Batam, Indonesia, setting a new record on China’s export for crawler crane. The 1,250-ton crawler crane was delivered to an Indonesia-based ocean engineering company which the crane will be used in its offshore drilling platform project.

This represents that XCMG has opened up their brand into the international market and putting another glory in XCMG hoisting machine sector after they have successfully sold and put into use its 4000-ton crawler crane, the world largest crane.


The 1,250-ton crawler crane has successfully completed hoisting of a 6MW wind turbine at a large-scale wharf of Jiangsu Province in April 2015. It uses sideway-super lift configuration (72m main boom plus 60m tower jib) to hoist a wind turbine blade and hub of a combined weight of 190 ton in place. The blade, measuring 77.7 meters in length, is one of the largest blades in China.
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