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xca2600 world s largest all terrain crane xcmg passes its first lifting

XCA2600, the world’s largest tonnage all-terrain crane developed by XCMG, has successfully completed the first test to lift a 173-ton weight, ahead of being delivered to a wind farm in China the following month.

The XCA2600 is equipped with three core technologies: high-performance flexible boom, super-lifting and independent suspension. As well as hoisting a weight of 173 tons, the XCA2600 maximum load moment rating is 5,372 tonne-metres. The manufacturer said its maximum lifting height of 160 metres is 20 per cent more than competitors of the same class and covers 90 per cent of wind turbine installations across China.

n addition, the model is also the world’s first crane to be equipped with a 10-axle chassis, and it can be interchanged with the XCC2600, the world’s largest tonnage telescopic boom crawler crane. The XCA2600 body is 50 cm shorter than the industry average, while the minimum ground clearance is 200mm higher, allowing for better operational flexibility.

In terms of super-lifting and tensioning, the newly developed XCA2600 boom features active control and hoisting risk prediction technologies to ensure quick and safe operation. Its 3.5-meter-wide chassis, in conjunction with the patented independent suspension system and live axle, ensures the stability of the vehicle.

In addition to industry-leading functionality and performance capabilities, the new model is more efficient for major wind turbine installation projects by tailoring to the specific needs of various construction environments and scenarios.

“It can be difficult for large cranes to successfully strike a balance between achieving great lifting capability and travelling around conveniently, especially for those that need to install wind turbines at a height of 160 meters. To achieve this requires technological innovation and a dedication to customers and their height, accessibility and safety needs.”

Shan Zenghai, Chief Engineer of XCMG Crane

XCMG has made significant progress in developing large-tonnage all-terrain cranes in the last decade, from 800 tons ten years ago to 2,600 tons today. The Company has currently sold a total of 126 units of super wheel cranes with tonnage greater than 1,200 tons, which have installed over 15,000 wind turbines.

(The news was first released in Sep 2022)

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