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XCMG delivers their first 180-ton loader crane – SQZ8000

xcmg sqz8000 handing over ceremony 4

XCMG has recently delivered the country’s first SQZ8000 knuckle boom crane and also their 111,111th truck-mounted product, marking two milestones together in the handover ceremony. The crane was delivered to Nantong Ruihua Large-scale Lifting and Handling Co., Ltd.

xcmg sqz8000 handing over ceremony 3

XCMG SQZ8000 folding arm crane is currently the largest tonnage folding arm truck crane in China. The 4.5-meter standard lifting capacity is 180 tons, the side lifting capacity is 120 tons, and the 15-meter lifting capacity is 45 tons; the four-section telescopic boom is all double push, with 6 special-shaped outriggers, and the performance is stable and powerful.

The SQZ8000 boom is made of high-strength steel, a four-section telescopic double-push cylinder, a double-section front outrigger, a double-push luffing cylinder, a double-push lifting cylinder, two hydraulic rotary motors, stronger telescopic ability with load; 4 double-section Stressed outriggers have stable hoisting performance and a higher safety factor.

It has a rear-moving counterweight frame that can carry 30 tons of counterweight, which fully improves its side hoisting capacity; a fully remote-controlled operating system, overload safety protection, and stable performance Powerful, equipped with Sinotruk’s five-axis chassis and low-profile approach, it is professional for harsh environments and difficult movements.

(The news was first released in August 2022)

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