Demag CC2400-1

Terex-Demag debut the 400-tonne CC2400-1 back in 2006. The crane was developed using the CC2200-1 crawler chassis and comes with an entire new boom system. It was designed to hold a maximum load moment of 5150 tonne-metres.

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Some of its features include the variable superlift radius, variable main boom offset in SW (heavy main boom and luffing jib) and SWSL (SW with superlift) configurations. There is also a touchscreen IC-1 control system.

Variable Superlift And Boom Configurations

The superlift radius can be adjusted from 9 to 15 metres and in SWSL configuration, the main boom length is possible between 36 to 96 metres and fly jib length from 24 to 84 metres. In main boom, only SSL/LSL configuration, the maximum boom length is 126 metres. In main boom, only SSL configuration is 96 metres and where the superlift is position at 15 metres radius, the load chart shows that it can lift at a maximum radius of 80 metres, with 160 tonnes counterweight and central ballast, the CC2400-1 will lift 42 tonnes in 360 degrees.

On a 54 metres main boom, at a radius of 34 metres, the load chart shows a maximum lifting capacity of 140 tonnes. the maximum 400 tonnes lifting capacity in SSL is achieved with superlift at 12 metres radius with 42 metres main boom.


The complete machine, including its 100 tonnes of counterweight, 24m of boom and hook block weighs 233 tonnes. For transportation, the superstructure with three winches, hydraulic A-frame, car body and self-assembly equipment weights 59.6 tonnes each. Each crawler weighs 23.4 tonnes at 10.25 metres long and 1.3 metres wide.

The German manufacturer previous 400 tonner crawler crane was the Demag CC2400, last produced in the early 1990s.

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