Demag CC8800

In November 2001, hundreds of heavy-lift specialists around the world gathered at Demag’s factory in Zweibrucken, Germany to witness the 1,250 tonnes capacity CC8800 crawler crane. The crane was rigged for the first time on the Bierbach test ground and was officially handed over to its new owner, Carl Marino of Marino Cranes on 9th November 2001. While Marino Cranes took the first two units, another three were ordered by GH Heavy Lift of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, Sterling Crane in Canada and Al Jaber of UAE.

A further improvement on the CC8800 and a new version was released – CC8800-1. This increase the crane capacity from 1,250 ton to 1,600 ton.

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The CC8800 has a maximum boom length of 216 metres and can be operated in a working range from 9 to 154 metres. Examples from its capacity char given by Demag includes the ability to upright columns weighing 400 tonnes and measuring over 100 metres in length.

While Demag has taken serious consideration of the transportability, the components are no wider than 3.5 metres or higher than 4 metres when loaded onto a trailer. Weights of the individual components are also kept within 40 tonnes. Other features include identical crawlers (i.e no different in left and right crawler) and a new design that squeezes dirt and mud out of the tracks during travel.

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