Sany Premiered World’s Largest Crawler – SCC45000A

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Chinese crane manufacturer claimed to have unveiled the largest crawler crane in the world with its 4,500-tonne SCC45000A.

The 4,500-tonne monster has a maximum load moment of 98,000 tonne/metres in its twin-boom configuration.

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It features a 126.5 metre main boom plus a 15.5 to 48.5 metre fixed jib, while a 30.5 to 108.5 luffing jib can be added for a maximum system length of 216.5 metres. It has a 62-metre twin Superlift back mast/derrick boom which provides a ballast radius of 28 to 37 metres for its tracked counterweight system.

The crane can also be set up with a single boom with a maximum capacity of 2,000 tonnes. In this configuration, it offers a main boom length of 108.5 metres or 102 metres with an 18.5 fixed jib. A 108.5-metre luffing jib can also be installed on a 96-metre main boom, with a 53-metre derrick boom and suspended counterweight radius of 27.5 to 33.5 metres.

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SCC45000A follows on from the record-breaking 3,600-tonne SCC86000TM introduced in 2011 and the 4,000-tonne SCC40000A introduced last year.

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The first unit has been taken by Shandong based heavy lifting and haulage specialist WH Lifting. Check out the video below!

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