BMS order XCMG 300-tonne Mobile Crane

211114 bms africa xcmg 300t mobile crane

Denmark-based BMS Group has ordered a brand new 300-tonne all-terrain crane from XCMG. The crane model has not been revealed yet, but a short video of the mobile crane painted green and white are seen in the video.

The logo has been written as “BMS Africa”, hence we are guessing that it will be delivered to Africa for the job there.

BMS Group was established in 1953. It is one of the leaders in the European crane market and the world’s top crane leasing company, specializing in cranes and manual lifts of various sizes and tasks. Our knowledge is focused on heavy-duty maintenance as a major global player of choice in cranes, manual lifts and transportation solutions.

This Danish company entered the ranks of the top ten, mainly turning to heavy cranes and more wind turbine installation and maintenance work while expanding its business further geographically.

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