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GMK5250XL-1 for Mansfield

211112 grove gmk5250xl 1 mansfield cranes services

US rental company Mansfield Crane Service has taken delivery of a 250 tonne Grove GMK5250XL-1 All Terrain crane.

The five-axle GMK5250XL-1 features an eight section 78.5 metre main boom topped by an 18-metre bi-fold swingaway extension that can be extended to 33.5 metres with additional inserts. The crane is the first Grove all-terrain model to offer the VIAB turbo clutch module, which is said to prevent overheating and component wear as well as offer a 30 percent reduction in fuel. Power comes from a single Mercedes Tier 4 final engine, while features include the company’s MaxBase variable outrigger system.

The new crane went straight to work installing 5G telecom towers in northern Pennsylvania.

Owner Trapper Wyman said: “The challenge is not only height but also access. To arrive at these remote sites, you navigate service roads that are not always maintained, with deep ruts, overgrown vegetation and steep grades. Many of these sites are also so compact that you do not always have room to use a jib. You need a crane with an ample main boom that can work in a cramped space. The Grove GMK5250XL-1 is one of the few cranes that can do many of these projects, meaning, if we didn’t have this crane, we could not do the job.”

Established in 1998 by Trapper Wyman and his late father Edward, Mansfield Crane Services purchased their first crane – a Grove truck crane – in 1972. Today the company employs 25 and has a fleet of nine Grove cranes, topped by a 300 tonne GMK6350, operating from its location in Mansfield, Pennsylvania.

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