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The first section of the raffinate tower hoisted for Dongying project

dongying project raffinate tower 1

After a detailed safety technical study, the first section of the para-xylene unit raffinate tower of the Dongying project’s PX unit was recently hoisted, officially kicking off the hoisting operation.

The raffinate tower (1265-T-601) has a specification of which the largest diameter of 11.2 metres and a total height of 98.6 metres, weighing a total of 1965 tonnes. The equipment hoisting and transportation work is undertaken by Sinopec Shipping Company. The tower has been divided into six segments which would be hoisted separately.

The first section of the equipment weighs 306 tonnes. The segment was transported to the site on the evening of October 19th. A Manitowoc 21000 crawler crane with a main boom and superlift configuration was selected as the main crane for hoisting. 

The equipment was successfully put in place after 2 hours.

As the core equipment of PX, the transportation and hoisting work was highly valued by the owners and supervisors. The owners and supervisors related leaders visited the site to observe the whole process. 

The technical staff of the project department organized the deployment in advance, and carried out detailed simulation and optimization of the transportation route and lifting scheme; the operators worked together and worked overtime to overcome many disadvantages such as on-site cross-working and muddy roads, and handed over a copy to the satisfaction of the owner.

dongying project raffinate tower 2

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