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Zoomlion ZCC3500V assists TBM For South Park Station

211114 zcc3500v crawler fuzhou tbm 3

Last week, the first shield machine “Rongyao No. 1” of the Fuzhou Metro Binhai Express Line 1, contract 3 construction area including 1 station and 1 section, constructed by the Eighth Bureau of China Railway, was successfully hoisted down the shaft. Zoomlion’s ZCC3500V crawler crane was used as the main crane for this hoisting.

It is reported that the shield machine has a diameter of 8.6 meters and a weight of 135 tonnes. After being assembled on the ground, the shield machine is hoisted and lowered into the well. The middle and front shield is integrated, divided into four blocks (bottom block, left block, right block and bottom block) to be hoisted down into the well.

The middle shield weighs 110 tonnes and is divided into four parts, plus H beams, and assembled on the ground for hoisting down the well. At present, the hoisting and assembling of large shield machines are basically completed.

211114 zcc3500v crawler fuzhou tbm 2

It is understood that four shield machines will start from the South Park Station of the Binhai Express Line. The hoisted “Rongyao No. 1” will complete the start in November.

Zoomlion ZCC3500V, which is responsible for the lifting task, has a main boom length of 24-96m and a maximum lifting capacity of 350 tonnes. It has a shield lifting configuration of 24+8/11m, which the main hook has a maximum lifting capacity of 300 tonnes while the auxiliary hook is able to lift 177 tonnes. The combined maximum lifting capacity of the main and auxiliary hooks is 238.5t. 

It is a cost-effective crawler crane with outstanding performance for a 350-tonne capacity class crawler without superlift counterweight. The crane can be used for various works in infrastructure, construction, fields, and has outstanding advantages in shield construction and waste incineration power generation projects. It has the reputation of “the king of shields”.

211114 zcc3500v crawler fuzhou tbm 1

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