Sany SCC16000

The SCC16000 rolled off Sany’s production line on the 30th August 2010, featuring a maximum main boom length of 108m and maximum combined luffing jib length of 108m + 108m. The SCC16000 promises to have a maximum load moment at 25,000 ton-meter. The capacity of the luffing jib is said to be at 630 tonnes.

Powered by a Cummins 746 kW engine, the crane complies with EU Stage II and US Tier 3 off-highway emission standards. In addition, it also complies with the certification requirements of CE, North America, Australia, Russi, and Taiwan.

The SCC16000 was a highlight at Sany stand at Bauma China 2010, a 1,600-ton capacity crawler pitched to compete with the German manufacturer’s Terex CC8800-1. Sany rates the crane at 25,000 ton-meter as compared to Terex’s CC8800-1 24,000 ton-meter. It is designed to have closed loop hydraulics and a single 1,000 hp engine.


  • Max. Lifting Capacity: 1600 ton
  • Max. Boom Length: 54~108m
  • Max. Jib Length: 36~108m
  • Max. Combination: 108 + 108m

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Product Description

According to the report, Sany Heavy Industry agreed in 2008 to co-develop the crane with Guangdong Power Engineering Corporation and orders were secured with domestic customers at the end of the year. Also, the crane has a modular design and customers can choose for the optional free-fall function on the hook of the main winch. It is also equipped with wet brakes on the winches which do not require any adjustment. Another feature will be the GPS remote monitoring system which aids in maintenance scheduling and fault-finding.

The SCC16000 is said to have contained 20 state-authorized patents. Three of which is in the category of National Invention Patent, 15 in the category of Applied Patent, and 2 in the category of Appearance Patent.

The SCC16000 has been widely engaged in the hoisting of the third generation dome of nuclear power plants for 17 times as well as China’s first 6M wind turbine.


Modular Design

The transport unit is designed as a module to ensure the organic combination of electromechanical fluid and fast connection between modules;

Application of High-strength Plates

960MPa high-strength steel plate is used for main structure welding to reduce the transport weight of the single-piece structure; the plate adopts 1100MPa high-strength steel plate, reducing the cross-sectional size of the plate, and reducing the weight of the plate;

Standard Container Power Unit

The entire power system, control system, hydraulic system, and driver room are centralized in a standard container. The compact structure facilitates maintenance and maintenance and facilitates transportation.

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Generator Set

Equipped with 220V generator sets to supply driver’s indoor civil air conditioning and vehicle lighting systems;

Safe Control System

It is convenient and reliable to operate and install two operating modes; equipped with real-time ground pressure display and super-calculation software system, equipped with real-time display of level, off-machine stop action, emergency electrical control, lightning protection, Features such as auto-tuning and closed-circuit monitoring, complete security and monitoring system, 250G storage hard disk, and 120 hours of camera data (with a wide-angle camera);

New Material Application

Aluminum pedals are used on the boom and platform pedals to greatly reduce the weight of the boom and increase the load capacity;

Application of New Technology

Cancel the traditional lifting cylinder with super-lifting weight, fully realize the super-lifting weight off the ground through accurate calculation, and accurately give the utilization ratio of the over-lifting weight before surpassing the lifting weight;

Powerful Lifting Capacity

The maximum lifting capacity is 1600t/11m, the maximum lifting torque is 25000t·m, the longest main arm is 156m, and the longest booming combination is 108m+108m;

Efficient Self-loading and Loading Technology

Supports the self-loading and loading of track frames. The function of the whole vehicle is self-loading and disassembly. It is easy to disassemble quickly. (Use a 250T auxiliary crane, calculate it in 8 hours per day, and complete 66m in 6~7 days. Installation of +60m luffing jib condition);

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Convenient Maintenance Technology

Need to adjust the site close to the time is not more than 10min / person, the need for daily maintenance site approach time is not more than 30min / person, the longest maintenance proximity is not more than 2h / person; and equipped with GPS remote monitoring system to facilitate the user Equipment maintenance and management;

100% Linear Walking with Load

Four-wheel drive, strong walking traction and smooth running The advantages of the crawler crane can be maximized.

Wireless Remote Control Device

The wireless remote control is achieved through the installation of the alighting base, cross beam, track frame, front and rear platform, A-frame, hoisting mechanism and super-lift bar.


Sany SCC16000 set new records at Sinopec’s absorption tower project

In April 2013, Sany SCC16000 set another record of heavy lifting within the industry with the completion of the 950.5 tons of the absorption tower project which belongs to Sinopec’s Maoming Company.

The 22C001 absorption tower is the heaviest and highest equipment in the coal-based hydrogen plant of Sinopec’s Maoming Company. Sany has completed the project in two phases. In the first phase, another Sany crawler crane was used to construct the lower part of the absorption tower with a height of 65.64m and a weight of 868 tons (including the weight of the equipment within the tower). In the final stage, the SCC16000 crawler crane successfully completed the task.

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