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Sany SCC12000TM with a new twin-boom design

The SCC12000TM twin-boom design uses its conventional boom to forms the twin-boom configuration, reducing crane cost and provide better versability for more different work configurations. The tilting line reaches 9 metres, surpassing other models of the same capacity class.

Earlier this year, Sany has rolled off from its production line the 800-tonne class SCC12000TM crawler which is an independent model developed apart from Sany’s A series of crawler crane line. It was not an upgrade version of the existing 650-tonne SCC6500A crawler and they have re-designed the boom system and slewing bearing to reach its capacity.

SCC12000TM working at Yuanyang wind farm.

It is rated as an 800-tonne capacity class crawler with a maximum lifting torque of 12,256 tm. It is able to hoist 101 tonnes at 120 metres lifting height without using the superlift while when the superlift is equipped, it is able to hoist 120 tonnes at 162 metres lifting height. This will helps to fulfil the requirements for hoisting 2.5 MW which is below 160 metres in height.

Coined as the “Red Brave General” the SCC12000TM No. 1 completed its first lifting at Henan Pingmei Beikong Clean Energy’s Yuanyang wind farm. It created a new lifting record in the domestic market for lifting 127 tonnes of wind energy components at 140 metres height.

More about SCC12000TM configuration

  • Normal configuration without superlift – 120m main boom + 15m jib to achieve maximum lifting height of 120 metres and lifting capacity of 101 tonnes.
  • Heavy-duty boom for windmill configuration – 169m main boom + 12m jib with a maximum of 9 sections, 108 meters, achieving a maximum lifting height of 162 metres and lifting capacity of 110 tonnes.
Conference on the introduction of SCC12000TM to users.

Learn more about SCC12000TM (SCC8000A).

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