Sany SCC8000A

The Sany SCC8000A is a powerful 800-ton Crawler Crane that offers impressive lifting capabilities and versatile configurations. With a base main boom length of 111 meters, it can extend to 168 meters of lattice boom with an additional 12-meter jib, making it well-suited for wind turbine installation and other heavy-lift applications. This crane is at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring top-tier safety, stability, and flexibility.

Sany SCC8000A Crawler Crane


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Product Description

Key Specifications:

– Max Lifting Capacity: 800 tons
– Max Lifting Moment: 12016t·m
– Max Boom Length: 111 meters
– Fixed Jib Length: 15 meters
– Longest Main Boom + Fixed Jib: 168 meters + 12 meters
– Luffing Jib Length: 96 meters
– Longest Main Boom + Luffing Jib: 99 meters + 96 meters
– Engine: Cummins QSX15
– Engine Output: 447 kW at 1800 rpm

The Sany SCC8000A sets new standards in heavy lifting with its exceptional lifting capacity and boom lengths. Its advanced technology and design make it a reliable choice for a wide range of heavy-duty tasks, from conventional lifting to specialized applications like wind turbine installation.

  • Max. luffing jib combination: 99m+96m

In order to stay up with the larger wind turbine in the domestic market, it was rumoured that a boom upgrade is available to grade SCC8000A as a 1000 ton for wind turbine installation configuration.



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