Dou Demag Crawler Lifts Landmark in Italy

vernazza marina di carrara

The Apuan coastal skyline in the Italian province of Massa-Carrara has been shaped by a historic gantry crane for decades. While the crane’s height of 46 meters was a sight to see as it towered over the shipyard facilities of world-famous Italian yacht builder The Italian Sea Group, the landmark’s days were numbered as it … Read more

New AC 45 CITY For Auto-Klug

211209 auto klug ac45 city

The City cranes from Zweibrücken have long been a regular fixture in German crane service provider Auto-Klug’s fleet: The company from Hof not only has two AC 30 City, three AC 40 City, and an AC 45 City all hard at work but also added an additional AC 45 City. “City cranes are simply unbeatable … Read more

Sarens Lifting House Boats in the Czech Republic

211206 sarens demag ac200

Their Demag AC200 showed off its lifting capabilities during a rental project when they were asked by their client Ondrej Vlk to offload houseboats at the Barkmet shipyard in Lovosice in the Czech Republic. Each boat weighed about 30 tonnes! Sarens decided to deploy the AC200 with 43 tonnes counterweight, 25m boom, and a trailer. … Read more

New Demag AC 250-5 All Terrain Crane For Weiss Kranservice

weiss kranservice ac 250 5 2

“We were missing a middle child,” jokes Weiss Kranservice Junior Manager Dominik Magg while taking delivery of his new AC 250-5 crane in Zweibrücken. After all, his fleet already featured an AC 220-5 and an AC 300-6. The company’s most recent acquisition was handed over by Tadano Sales Manager Hans Asam. For the people at … Read more

TNT Crane & Rigging purchases new Demag AC 700-9 from CraneWorks

demag ac 700 9 build sunlight 2000px

Demag all-terrain crane dealer in North America, CraneWorks Inc., has sold a unit of Demag AC 700-9 to crane company TNT Crane & Rigging, Inc. The nine-axle all-terrain crane is the largest ever sold by CraneWorks. TNT chose the Demag AC 700-9 because of the numerous safety and operational improvements. One highlight is the crane’s … Read more

Optimistic Look For OneTadano Strategy

211028 onetadano

An optimistic look at the future: Tadano can point to good integration results and promising business prospects. Customers are increasingly seeing the results of the integration process between Tadano companies. In the spring of 2021, Tadano announced that all of the group’s cranes would be sold exclusively under the Tadano brand name in the future … Read more

Mammoet on Linde Upgrade Project in Singapore

linde case study 2

Linde, located at Jurong Island, Singapore is currently undergoing a series of projects to integrate a new complex within its existing facility. As such, Mammoet was hired to lift and install over a hundred components for the plant’s gasification facility upgrade. The items to be installed included pipe racks, rotating equipment (turbines, generators), e-containers, columns … Read more

Mammoet removes bridge in Austria city centre

mammoet cc8800 1 austria bridge remove 1

Exact planning and custom engineering ensure on-time delivery with minimum disruption in Vienna, Austria More than 30 years ago, a freeway junction on the Vienna southeast tangent in Austria was built but never put into operation. As part of a recent redevelopment program, the last bridge section of this “closed exit” would be demolished. Due … Read more

Ainscough Working with J Murphy & Sons on Great North Rail Project

1005 ainscough j murphys warrington scheme 2 edited2 scaled

Ainscough Crane Hire has once again worked with its client J Murphy & Sons as part of Network Rail’s £2.85m Great North Rail Project, helping to secure the future of rail journeys between Manchester and Liverpool. Earlier this year, Ainscough worked with J Murphy & Sons to replace a bridge at Warrington Bank Quay station … Read more

Duo Demag crawlers lift 700-tonne refinery column

210828 cc 8800 schmidbauer

“This kind of project is not something you see every day in Germany,” says Stefan Schmidbauer, the managing director of the crane service provider of the same name. And he is definitely right. Lifts that depend on a 1,600-tonne crane such as the CC 8800-1 are really not a frequent thing – and in this … Read more

Robert Baran Crane Group orders 10 Tadano all-terrain and crawler cranes

210828 tadano ac 5.220l 1

Tadano AC and CC cranes have long been a mainstay at the construction projects carried out by Polish crane service provider Robert Baran Crane Group. And this is not about to change any time soon – quite the opposite, in fact! After all, Baran is beefing up its already extensive Tadano fleet with its most … Read more

New Demag AC 45 City for Mikschl Autokrane

210828 ac 45 city mikschl

For Roland Mikschl, the managing director of the Aichach-based crane service provider of the same name, a fleet without City cranes is utterly inconceivable: “That’s why we’re now replacing our Demag AC 40 with its new and even better successor, the AC 45 City. Just as if we were doing a rotation of sorts,” he … Read more

LCR takes delivery of Demag AC 1000-9 all-terrain crane

210819 lcr ac 1000 9 1

The team at Tadano Oceania was looking forward to July 27, 2021, with great anticipation, as that was the day that we would celebrate that a Demag AC 1000-9 would tread Australian ground for the first time ever. “We’re tremendously proud of being able to hand over our biggest all-terrain crane, the AC 1000-9, to … Read more

Sarens Lift and Move Ancient Egyptian Khufu Solar Boat

0812 sarens 95727 20210806 191437

Sarens’ client, Besix-Orascom Joint Venture (BOJV), is responsible for building the new Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo and as part of the project had to install two ancient solar boats in the new museum section. The solar boat had to be lifted from the old Khufu Boat Museum, transported 10km to the new Grand Egyptian … Read more

Wiesbauer and Neeb Crawler Join Forces For Wind Turbine Tandem

0806 wiesbauer 4 2021 07 31 marbachdrohne dji 0005

Recently heavy lift crawler cranes from Wiesbauer GmbH & Co.KG and Neeb GmbH & Co. KG. joined forces to lift a gas turbine for the new gas power plant in Marbach am Neckar. The 335t gas turbine was lifted out of the inland waterway barge with their two crawler cranes, Neeb’s Liebherr LR1600 and Wiesbauer’s Demag … Read more

Niessen Kran-Service excited on their delivery of Demag AC 45 City

210718 demag ac 45 city niessen

The people at Mönchengladbach-based NKS Niessen Kran-Service GbR truly value the quality of Demag® City cranes: In addition to a Demag AC 40 City and an AC 70 City, the crane service provider has now added another model from the range to its fleet in the form of a new AC 45 City. The sale was handled by … Read more

Fedeli thrilled with the new Demag AC160-5

20210628 fedeli demag ac160 5

Italian crane service provider Fedeli could barely wait to receive their brand new Demag AC160-5. “We were absolutely thrilled with the technical advantages offered by this crane, so we were dying to finally see it in our fleet” Filippo Fedeli during the handover His father Alessandro and his sister Irene, who manage the company and … Read more

No More Demag Brand Under Tadano Product Ranges

tadano drop demag brand

Among a raft of changes at crane manufacturer Tadano, the company announced on 7th April it will drop the Demag brand and amalgamate the product ranges. As part of its strategy to again become the worldwide leader in the lifting equipment industry, Tadano acquired Demag from Terex in 2019. It is working “to bring the … Read more

Next stage for Tadano Demag

Tadano Demag Logo

Earlier today Tadano Demag and Tadano Faun submitted their restructuring plan to the Zweibrücken District Court, marking a key stage in the restructuring programme for the two companies – both of which are owned by Japanese crane and aerial lift manufacturer Tadano. The formal insolvency process for the two businesses is expected to open at … Read more

Tadano files protection for troubled German operations

Tadano Demag Logo

After more than a year Tadano has acquired Demag from Terex, the Japanese crane manufacturer has filed to protect its entire German operations from bankruptcy to enable restructuring. Demag was losing €4 million a month under Terex ownership when Tadano acquired Demag for €215 million in August 2019, merging Demag management with its own German … Read more

Further Tadano Demag integration

Tadano Demag More Integration

Tadano is creating a joint sales and product support structure for Tadano and Demag cranes in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Northern Europe. The new joint Tadano/Demag sales organisation for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, will be headed by Tadano sales manager Christian Schroeder, reporting to Klaus Kröppel who becomes vice president sales for the German-speaking countries … Read more

Demag launches CC 2800-2 crawler

Demag Cc2800-2

Terex’s Demag CC 2800-2 lattice boom crawler crane is the new updated replacement for its 600-tonne capacity CC 2800-1 model. (News was released in April 2019) The company’s latest addition to the Demag range was premiered at the Bauma 2019 exhibition in Germany. Terex said the underpinning idea was to further improve the performance of … Read more

Mordefroy Levage lift train for TGV

French crane service provider Mordefroy Levage used its Demag AC 100-4L and Demag AC 140 all-terrain cranes to carry out the tandem lift of a 34-tonne TGV locomotive for French railway company SNCF. First, the company loaded the train onto a lowbed trailer using the two cranes. When unloading the train onto a track at … Read more

Baran orders two more Demag AC220-5

Polish crane rental company Baran has ordered the first two 220 tonnes Demag AC220-5 All Terrain cranes to feature EU Stage V compliant engines. The new engines have more power than the ones they replace and are equipped with the latest Diesel Particulate Filters with the power units matched to the latest ZF TraXon transmission. … Read more

Tadano’s Demag integration strategy

Tadano Demag Logo

Japanese crane manufacturer Tadano has released details regarding how it is integrating the Demag mobile crane brand into its company structure five months after its purchase from Terex Corporation. Tadano is retaining the Demag name as a stand-alone brand, saying that the Demag models help fill gaps in its existing all-terrain line-up and adds lattice … Read more