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500-tonne mobile overturned in wind farm

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A 500 tonne eight axle All Terrain crane overturned onto its side on a wind farm in Germany on 16th March.

The incident occurred on a site north of Elsterwerda on the Saxony-Brandenburg state border in Northern Germany, between Dresden and Berlin.

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The crane, which looks like a Demag AC 500 from crane rental company Krandienst Schulz, was on-site to help dismantle a number of old wind turbines for repowering specialist KSR Wind Solutions. It was rigged with a luffing jib, on a fully retracted main boom. It appears to have been free on wheels and was moving into position on ground protection mats when it overturned. Fortunately, no one was injured and according to local reports, there were no oil or diesel spills.

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