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3 ESTA Awards for Wagenborg Nedlift

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During the annual presentation of the ESTA Awards on 17th March, Wagenborg Nedlift won awards in 3 categories.

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  • Category up to 120 tons lifting capacity:
    • The replacement of the ‘Ludwig-Volk-Steg’ footbridge won the prize in the category up to 120 tons lifting capacity. In this project, the old pedestrian bridge near Würzburg was replaced by a new suspension bridge with a free span of no less than 122 meters. The bridge is made up of 19 prefabricated parts, each weighing 11 tons. The use of the strong and agile 165tm articulated telescopic crane on a large pontoon turned out to be a solid and safe solution for the lifting work of the prefab parts.
0318 wagenborg nedlift 1
  • Category for Combined techniques
    • The second Award was awarded in the ‘Combined techniques’ category and concerned the Megamove in Münster. A special arch bridge of more than 67 meters long, weighing more than 550 tons, was placed here. The Wagenborg Nedlift team had supplied a considerable amount of equipment for this mega move, including a pontoon, the Modular Support System, support beams, mobile cranes, SPMTs, climbing jacks and a sliding system. A special interplay of horizontal and vertical transport technology, devised by the engineers at Wagenborg Engineering
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  • The SPMT category
    • The third award was awarded in the SPMT category for their project ‘The colossus of Köthen’. The new 73-metre, 660-tonne arch bridge in Köthen, Germany, is part of a major infrastructure project in which the closure of seven railway lines was one of the factors that put pressure on available installation time. In addition to 2 x 12 lines and 2 x 10 lines SPMT with the Modular Support System, a 600 ton crawler crane, a 1,200 ton cube auger system and 600 ton climbing jacks were involved.

ESTA is the European trade association for the heavy transport, lifting and crane rental sector. The ESTA represents the national industry associations in the field. Every year, ESTA Awards are presented for projects that distinguish themselves in the field of technical ingenuity, innovation or safety. These ESTA Awards are great recognition for all Wagenborg Nedlift employees, who time and again develop special tailor-made solutions for the most diverse lifting and transport challenges.

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