Dou Demag Crawler Lifts Landmark in Italy

vernazza marina di carrara

The Apuan coastal skyline in the Italian province of Massa-Carrara has been shaped by a historic gantry crane for decades. While the crane’s height of 46 meters was a sight to see as it towered over the shipyard facilities of world-famous Italian yacht builder The Italian Sea Group, the landmark’s days were numbered as it … Read more

First AC 7.450-1 maiden lift at Port of Helibronn – Wiesbauer Lift MRI

wiesbauer tandem mri ac7 450

Wiesbauer puts the new Tadano crane to the test in the first tandem lift. The moment Thomas Wiesbauer heard of the Tadano AC 7.450-1 for the first time, he knew he had to get his hands on one. In fact, the managing director of the Bietigheim-based company of the same name found the concept and … Read more

Maiden lift for Mammoet’s FOCUS30 !

1005 mammoet focus 30 capture 4 scaled

Mammoet has completed the first lift using its innovative FOCUS30 crane; helping to reduce disruption during scheduled turnaround activity at a refinery in the UK! The FOCUS30 performed a top-and-tail lifting operation in tandem with a 500-tonne mobile crane, in order to install a vessel at the facility. The space saver crane The FOCUS30 is … Read more

Duo Demag crawlers lift 700-tonne refinery column

210828 cc 8800 schmidbauer

“This kind of project is not something you see every day in Germany,” says Stefan Schmidbauer, the managing director of the crane service provider of the same name. And he is definitely right. Lifts that depend on a 1,600-tonne crane such as the CC 8800-1 are really not a frequent thing – and in this … Read more

Duo Demag CC 2800-1 Crawler Tandem Lift 410-tonne Ship

tandem hareket 1

Crane service provider Hareket relies on tried-and-true Demag duo for tandem lift at Damen shipyard in Antalya. The scenery was like a dream: A bright blue sky, and turquoise water. This meant that the conditions were perfect for lifting the 70-meter-long “Aqua Helix”, which was scheduled for its first-ever launch that day. Before this, however, … Read more