Maiden lift for Mammoet’s FOCUS30 !

1005 mammoet focus 30 capture 4 scaled

Mammoet has completed the first lift using its innovative FOCUS30 crane; helping to reduce disruption during scheduled turnaround activity at a refinery in the UK! The FOCUS30 performed a top-and-tail lifting operation in tandem with a 500-tonne mobile crane, in order to install a vessel at the facility. The space saver crane The FOCUS30 is … Read more

10 Spectacular Mammoth Projects By Mammoet In 10 Countries

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As COVID-19 situation continues, the entire market has been slow. However, the crane industry big brother, Mammoet, is still busy with some of the mega projects that is going on around the world. I cannot wait till June to release this post hence I will write it now to see what they are doing at … Read more

Mammoet reveals Focus crane details

Artistic impression of Mammoet's Focus working in city centers.

Following the finalizing of the design announced in April this year, Mammoet has now released now information on their new mega crane which is due to be launched in 2020. The 2,500-tonne crane Focus is designed to be erected vertically in small areas such as city centres or industrial plants. To achieve this, Mammoet said … Read more

Mammoet finalises Focus design

Improved design to Mammoet focus.

Heavy lift specialist Mammoet has moved development of its new Focus crane onto the next stage. The company announced its concept for the crane back in 2018 and has since made alterations to improve its design. After the announcement of the concept in 2018, Mammoet has made adjustments to the initial design which further improve its performance. … Read more

Mammoet and Stoof propose 24,000-tonne crane

An artistic impression of Mammoet Focus

A 24,000-tonne capacity crane has been proposed jointly by Mammoet and Stoof Engineering and Innovation in the Netherlands. Mammoet said its maximum load moment rating is 1,500,000 tonne-metres. Known as Focus, the new ultra-heavy lift crane is designed for easy and fast mobilisation, and to have good manoeuvrability in a confined area. Target applications include … Read more