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Mammoet reveals Focus crane details

Artistic impression of Mammoet's Focus working in city centers.

Following the finalizing of the design announced in April this year, Mammoet has now released now information on their new mega crane which is due to be launched in 2020.

The 2,500-tonne crane Focus is designed to be erected vertically in small areas such as city centres or industrial plants. To achieve this, Mammoet said the main boom is erected vertically with the aid of a climbing frame. Once the main boom is in position, the back mast is then installed vertically as well.

“This eliminates the need to sterilise larger parts of a plant area for crane assembly, neither is there any more need to build over live pipe racks in a plant. All in all, the assembly process is less complex, safer and more efficient, and significantly reduces the costly area and downtime of assembling a crane.”

Jacques Stoof, director of innovation and market development at Mammoet.

To enhance stability and lower ground pressure the crane’s upper structure is placed on a pedestal. Mammoet said this lowers ground bearing pressures to less than 10 tonnes per square metre on an area of 30 by 30 metres.

The Focus also has a variable super lift system with a radius that can be adjusted under load from 16 to 30 metres. Mammoet said this will increase the crane’s flexibility, delivering a larger operational window.

“The Focus will set a new standard of heavy lifting in confined spaces,” added Stoof. “The design that we demonstrate in this animation is based on numerous discussions with our customers in which we gained a good understanding of their current and future challenges. The Focus is a direct response to their need for greater lifting capacity and flexibility within limited and congested spaces. This innovation is a cost saving solution for many of our customers within the power, petrochemical and civil sectors.”

The crane is being built and the first one will be available in the second quarter of 2020, Mammoet said.
Video that was released one week ago on Mammoet’s Focus

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