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Mammoet and Stoof propose 24,000-tonne crane

An artistic impression of Mammoet Focus

A 24,000-tonne capacity crane has been proposed jointly by Mammoet and Stoof Engineering and Innovation in the Netherlands. Mammoet said its maximum load moment rating is 1,500,000 tonne-metres.

Known as Focus, the new ultra-heavy lift crane is designed for easy and fast mobilisation, and to have good manoeuvrability in a confined area. Target applications include work in heavy industrial plants and refinery complexes. It will be able to lift significantly bigger and heavier loads, making many construction projects much more efficient, Mammoet said, reducing the construction time.

A primary feature of the design is that it can be assembled vertically on a minimal ground area and without support cranes. It is said to be self-erecting, even when a boom 200 metres long is needed. As with other large Mammoet cranes, Focus is containerised for easy transport.

The distance between the foot of the boom and the counterweight can be altered with a load on the hook, Mammoet said. The fact that this can be done while slewing means that forward, backward and rotating motions can all be combined as a fluid motion.

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