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New Demag AC 45 City for Mikschl Autokrane

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For Roland Mikschl, the managing director of the Aichach-based crane service provider of the same name, a fleet without City cranes is utterly inconceivable: “That’s why we’re now replacing our Demag AC 40 with its new and even better successor, the AC 45 City. Just as if we were doing a rotation of sorts,” he explained while taking delivery of his new City crane, which he picked up in person in Zweibrücken.

The crane was handed over by Tadano Sales Manager Hans Asam.

“We use the City primarily for indoor jobs – it’s simply unbeatable there thanks to its extremely compact design and enormous versatility. With the runner, in particular, it can tackle lifts that would simply be impossible for many other cranes,” Roland Mikschl says while listing the important reasons why he decided on a Zweibrücken-made City crane again.

Moreover, Mikschl not only swears on its AC 45 City when it comes to indoor jobs, but also steel and timber construction assembly projects and prefabs: “As I said, this crane is incredibly versatile, and that has also played a part in us thinking so highly of this model range,” Roland Mikschl highlights. It is worth mentioning that the rotation approach has proven to be the right choice for the Bavarian crane business:

The company had already traded a “used model for a new model” some time ago with the AC 100-4L, which is a mainstay of the Mikschl fleet together with an AC 220-5. “We could hardly come up with a better confirmation of the quality and performance of our cranes,” Hans Asam says while commenting on his customer’s approach.

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