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Sany SCC8000A launched TBM for Zhuhai Tunnel Project

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In late July this year, Sany SCC8000A has been mobilised to the construction site of the Zhuhai Xingye Express Line Shield Tunnel Project to assist in the launching of the super-large-diameter T-ring shield into the shaft that is almost 10 stories depth, marking the official entry of TBM “Xingye” for the tunneling process.

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The tunnel boring machine has a diameter of 15.76m and T1 shield, weighing at 558 tonnes, is the heaviest component among the tunneling boring machine.

Detailed Planning Due To Site Constraint

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The shaft belongs to the project mainline tunnel and there are multiple complicating tunnels undergoing construction as well, making the job site area to be very constraint. They are unable to park another crane to tandem the shield into position and hence a technical study and they have adopted a new construction method.

The T1 shield was lifted from its transportation position into the shaft and lowered until it is 16.55 metre high. With the aid of hydraulic cylinder on the shield, the shield rotates 60 degrees before lowering at one metre per minute, precisely fitting on the shaft exact position.

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About Zhuhai Xingye Express Line

The Zhuhai Xingye Express Line is about 23.59 kilometres long and is divided into two sections, north and south, connecting the Shenzhen-Zhongtong Passage in the north and the artificial island of the Zhuhai-Hong Kong-Macao Bridge in the south. It is one of the national key projects.

This time, the “Xingye” TBM went down smoothly, laying the foundation for the scheduled opening of the Zhuhai Xingye Express Line. After the completion of the Zhuhai Xingye Express Line, it will realize rapid travel between the north and the south of the main urban area of ​​Zhuhai, which is of great strategic significance for accelerating the urban linkage development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

In December 2017, a consortium was formed by STEC, Zhuhai Gree Group, STEC Shanghai Urban Construction Municipal Engineering (Group) Co., Ltd. and Jian’an Group for the construction of Zhuhai Xingye Express Line that has a single investment of 6.4 billion yuan (Approx. 1 billion US dollars).

As one of the “Nine Vertical and Five Horizontal Lines” in Zhuhai, Xingye Express Line is the most important way to connect the north and south of Zhuhai’s main urban area with the Shenzhen – Zhongshan Channel and the Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macao bridge. It connects several “Super Projects” in south China with Zhuhai’s new and old districts, which can be said to be leading the development and construction of large areas and the lifeline of the “Urban Revitalization”.

Learn more information about Sany SCC8000A (SCC12000TM).

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