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Sany SCC4000A Aids Bangladesh’s Azsalaam Power Plant

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The Sany SCC4000A crawler crane was tasked to be the main crane for the lifting of the larges slab beam and the last piece of the beam of the Bangladesh Azsalaam 2×660MW coal-fired power station project was successfully hoisted in place recently.

The smooth installation of the large slab beam marks another significant milestone of the project. The large slab beams hoisted are the top beams of No. 1 and No. 2 boiler steel structures, which are divided into upper and lower stacked beams.

The average weight of a single large slab beam is 75 tonnes, and to be lifted to a height of 85 metres. There are 12 large slab beams in total, weighing a total of nearly 900 tonnes. The Sany SCC4000A crawler crane stands out among many competitors with its super lifting performance and stability.

It is finally determined to use Sany SCC4000A’s 78-meter boom and 36-meter jib LJDB configuration, working together with tower cranes.

Limited by the narrow construction site and tandem lifting operations, there are extremely high requirements for precision, the stability of the slewing hoist, and controllability. During the lifting operation, the man-machine cooperates tacitly, and the hoisting and slewing operation is completed in one step.

About Azsalaam Power Station

Azsalaam 2×660MW coal-fired power station project is a landmark and important energy project of the “Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar” (BCIM) economic corridor. It is currently the largest single-unit capacity thermal power unit and the largest capacity coal-fired power station project in Bangladesh.

Providing 10 billion kilowatt-hours of cheap and continuous electricity will greatly alleviate the current situation of energy shortages in Bangladesh and promote local economic and social development and contribute to the realization of its “Golden Bengal” dream.

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