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XCMG XGC16000 completes 98-metre modular steel structure

211223 xcg16000 lifts 98m module 1

Recently, two extrusion pelletizing steel structure frame modules of the 450,000 tons/year high-end polypropylene new material project of Sinochem Hongrun Petrochemical Co., Ltd. undertaken by the Shandong branch were successfully hoisted in place.

The installation elevation of the steel frame module is 34.5 metres, the maximum height is 98 meters, and the total weight is 1207.7 tonnes. The XCMG XGC16000 1250-ton crawler crane is the main crane. The entire steel structure has been divided into four modules which are assembled on the ground and hoisted individually.

The XCMG XGC16000 1250-ton crawler crane steadily hoisted the first and second modules which weigh 293 tonnes and successfully hoisted in place, completing a milestone for the project as well as marking the official start of the installation of the project.

Given the sheer size of the steel structure, tight site access, and multiple cross operations, the company attaches great importance to it and arranges dedicated personnel for in-depth on-site guidance. Together with on-site engineering and technical personnel and chief lifting technician The steel frame module hoisting plan is optimized. 

The on-site engineering and technical personnel of Shandong Branch and the No. 9 Installation Engineering Company, from steel structure segmentation planning, assembly site selection, prefab placement, assembly and hoisting selection, main crane working condition selection, foundation treatment and crane station location, to lifting lugs, wire rope, balance beam to calculate the centre of gravity checking, as well as to enhance steering, off the hook, assembly, horizontal and vertical of the security certificate, etc., every step carefully accounting, to ensure the successful completion of lifting work.

The first two steel frame modules were successfully hoisted in place, creating favorable conditions for the hoisting of the third and fourth modules and the subsequent installation of equipment and pipelines on site.

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