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How do you launch a 30,000 tonnes deep-sea jacket into the sea?

haiji no1 construction on land 3

On 15th March, after more than 26 hours of continuous hauling, under the “concerted efforts” of 8 groups of 900-tonne tractor jacks and 2 groups of 400-tonne booster jacks, the “sea-based oil company”, which is the general contractor of Offshore Oil Engineering No. 1″ jacket successfully boarded the designated position of the transport barge at the COOEC-Fluor site terminal, marking the completion of the land construction of the first deep-water jacket in Asia – independently designed and built by China.

Birth of Haji No. 1

  • 5th March 2020 – A groundbreaking ceremony held for Haijii No. 1
  • 25th May 2020 – Hoisting of Haji No. 1 jacket slipper
  • 17th Nov 2021 – Haiji No. 1 Row 4 successfully closed
  • 7th Dec 2021 – The main structure of the Haiji No. 1 jacket was closed
  • 28th Feb 2022 – Haiji No. 1 was completed on land
  • 15th Mar 2022 – Haiji No. 1 successfully boarded the ship

The actual scene of the construction process at the land


The design strength of “Haiji No. 1” can withstand severe sea conditions that occur once in a century. The characteristics of “super long, super high and overweight” make it extremely difficult to load, even the largest dedicated launching barge in Asia “Offshore Oil 229” “No. 1”, can’t carry the weight of “Haiji No. 1”, and 78 meters need to stick out of the ship after loading, which brings great challenges to the loading and transportation work.

haiji no1 launching into sea

How did they manage to accomplish such an amazing “big move”?

haji no1 how the big move is accomplish

According to Yang Lianfeng, the general contracting project manager of the regional development project of the Lufeng Oilfield Group, “In order to meet the shipping requirements, COOEC carried out widening of the pontoon, upgrade of the rocker arm, upgrade of the load regulation system, and general management of the ‘Offshore Oil 229’. 

A number of transformations such as longitudinal strength enhancement and renewal of the main windlass have increased its transport and launching capacity from 30,000 tons to 38,500 tons.

The project comprehensively strengthens the risk control and refined management of shipments and subdivides the shipment steps into 40 nodes. After careful calculation, the load adjustment requirements of each node are clarified, the risk points of the entire shipment process are identified in advance, and detailed In response to the plan, the details of the loading preparation were repeatedly checked item by item, and the loading operation was completed nearly 7 hours earlier than planned, setting a new record for the hauling and loading of super-large jackets in China. “

At present, “Haiji No. 1” is undergoing subsequent construction operations such as loading and fixing and will set sail in late March to the waters of the Lufeng Oilfield Group for offshore installation. Prior to this, technical solutions such as offshore installation of the project have been reviewed by experts, and offshore construction such as the laying of submarine pipes, installation of submarine pipe terminals and anti-sinking plates has been completed as planned.

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