Wolffkran Wolff 700 B

Wolff 700B has a lifting capacity of 50 ton in 3-fall operation and a maximum tip load capacity of 16.5 ton at a jib radius of 50m. It comes with 2.3m Wolff HT 23 tower sections, maximum hoisting speed of 190 meters per minute and a step-less, frequency-controlled drive. It also includes the Wolffkran patented, a semi-automatic re-reeving mechanism which simplifies changing between the 1-, 2- and 3-fall operation.

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Level 10 Construction first to use Wolff 700B in USA

General contractor Level 10 Construction has rented from Maxim Crane Works in USA for the construction of 244 metres 181 Fremont Street skyscraper in San Francisco, USA. It was the first of the kind used in the USA. It is used for lifting a support column which weighs just over 45 to at the radius of 14 metres. (26 Aug 2015).

First Wolff Crane in Manhattan

Federated Crane set up a Wolff 700 B US luffing crane at Three World Trade Center (3 WTC) site in Manhattan, New York, USA. This makes the first Wolff tower crane that has arrived in Manhattan. The crane will be on site until 2016 and be carrying lifting steel columns and girders for the outer shell of the skyscraper.