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With the WOLFF 7534 clear, WOLFFKRAN is introducing the biggest and most powerful flat-top crane of the pack to-date and thus rounding off its product line the 315 mt range. “Easy to assemble, space-saving, powerful and economical. Although it is our largest crane without a tower top section, the WOLFF 7534 clear offers all the advantages of a flat-top construction and is perfect for inner-city construction sites that require space-saving solutions, up to date assembly concepts and quick turnaround times,” says Ulrich Dörzbach, Managing Director and Head of Research and Development of WOLFFKRAN GmbH.

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Product Description

The new trolley jib crane is available in two versions, making it suitable for work on every kind of construction site: the 7534.8 clear is a purely double-reeved crane with a maximum load capacity of 8.5 tons and the 7534.16 clear, which can be reeved from 2-fall to 4-fall operation, with a maximum load capacity of 16.5 tons. The maximum tip load capacity at a 75-meter jib radius is 3.4 tons in 2- fall operation. Fast working speeds are guaranteed by the proven hoisting winches with 45 kW and 75 kW. While already the small winch provides for a hook path of 190 meters, the bigger winch can reach a remarkable hook height of up to 460 meters in the 2-fall operation (230 meters in the 4-fall operation) and partial load working speeds of up to 185 m/min. “We are also working on a completely new double-reeved winch that will be even stronger,” reveals Gerd Tiedtke, Product Manager at WOLFFKRAN. All winches are fitted with an automatic power reduction function. If the mains supply is weak or overloaded, power output can be throttled in just a few simple steps and the crane optimally adjusted to the needs of the respective construction site.

A Pleasure to Work with

A WOLFF is nothing without its crane operator. And just like all the other WOLFFs, the new WOLFF 7534 clear offers crane drivers comfort and safety as standard. The modern WOLFF Cab is worth a particular mention here. It has an optimized field of vision, plenty of room and storage space, an ergonomically designed control panel, a modern heating and air conditioning system and up-to-date technology that includes an SD-/USB port, hands-free Bluetooth, and a touchscreen PC, for unrivalled comfort and practicality. The hoist drive regulated by a frequency converter that was developed by WOLFFKRAN in the early 1990s facilitates the most favourable handling and allows the crane operator to move and position elements with the greatest precision. The cabin platform offers the best possible access to the switch cabinet, facilitating easy communication between service technicians and the crane driver. Despite its compact design, the WOLFF 7534 clear allows for easy access to the slewing gear and cabin platform.

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Although “top” less, top with regards to assembly and transport

The cab station is so compact that it can be transported and assembled as a whole. It is attached to the crane with just two bolts. Once connected to power, the crane’s slewing part can be comfortably rotated to support the assembly process. Further, the slewing part is a fully preassembled unit requiring no further work on site for its assembly. As with all the other cranes in the clear series, the WOLFF 7534 clear is particularly space-saving: On construction sites with restricted space, several cranes can easily swing one above another. Like all WOLFF flat-top cranes, the WOLFF 7534 clear scores with a very clean and uncomplicated design of the crane top and easy access to all parts. The construction without a tower top offers the added benefit that the jib can be entirely assembled in the air. This is beneficial in case only a small mobile crane is used for the assembly or not enough space on the ground available for a full preassembly. Attachments such as the hoisting winch, railings, and bracing rods are preassembled on the counterjib. The 2.7-ton concrete counterweights are all the same size and easily and safely fitted on the counterjib using the proven quick-release axle system.

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Economical transport solutions are becoming increasingly important in a globalized world. Despite it being an XL crane, the WOLFF 7534 clear is constructed in such a way that all the components are optimized for container transport. The two-tier counterjib can be folded down or separated for transport purposes, and it fits on a regular truck or semi-trailer in one piece. To reduce the weight during transport and the assembly process, the platform carrying the hoisting winch can easily be separated from the counter jib.

High-end equipment as standard

It goes without saying that this new WOLFF offers all the usual comfort and safety features as standard. “With our high-quality cabs, galvanized substructures, railings and platforms, and the extensive WOLFFKRAN technology, such as the fleet management system WOLFF Link, the anti-collision interface, working range limitation system and slack rope monitoring, as well as the WOLFF safety crane controls with BUS technology and WOLFF Boost, WOLFFKRAN offers standard equipment that is unequaled in the market, not just in the new WOLFF 7534 clear, but in all WOLFF models,” says Ulrich Dörzbach.

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