Wilbert WT 2405L e.tronic

German tower crane makers, Wilbert has to make wonder by producing Europe’s strongest luffing jib, a star among their line of “Heavy Lifter” series. Using a unique pendular counter-ballast system, it reduces the torque on the tower of the WT 2405L e.tronic and to increase stability, the cross-section of the jib is in rectangle-shaped instead of common triangular design.

Wilbert WT2405L e.tronic


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Product Description


WT 2405L e.tronics are has a modular system design which can match jib length based on the job condition, from 36 meters to 78 meters in 6-meter jib section. One of the feature is their 5 meter runner head which allows a load up to 8 tonnes can be lifted at a speed of up to 140 m/min. Slewing units can be installed on a 3.3 meters wide tower section, in standard length of 5 meters each.

Other advantages includes their ease with assembly and disassembly which parts can achieve lower weights by removing just a few pins. A 9 windows operator cabs ergonomically designed for better visibility that can be fitted with a separate toilet facility with a 200-litre fresh water tank, a 250-liters waste water tank, wash basin and a 24V refrigerator!


Wilbert Delivered 200th Unit Tower Crane

The 128 tonnes capacity WT 2405L e.tronic was the 200th unit tower crane that was delivered on 31 August 2010 for a power station project in Mannheim, Germany. The crane is to be used for two years, reaching a final height of 130 meters. It is one of the several Wilbert towers on the project.



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