Potain MCT 205

Manitowoc has launched MCT 205 at Bauma 2014 in Shanghai, China. The topless tower crane was manufactured at Manitowoc’s Zhangjiagang factory in China for faster delivery to customers across Asia.


  • Easier and faster to erect than the previous hammerhead model.
  • Better for overlapping operations.
  • Better maximum working radius, than the previous model, at 65m.
  • Variable frequency hoisting mechanisms.
  • Available in 1.6m and 2m masts.
  • Option for internal floor climbing is available on both 1.6m and 2m masts.

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General contractor Whiteport has purchased two new Potain MCT 205 tower cranes, both of which will be used on a range of projects around Manila, Philippines. Arthur Loscano, assistant vice president for equipment at Whiteport, said his company’s previous good experiences with Potain prompted these latest investments.
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Product Description

The topless tower crane has a capacity of 10 tonnes and can lift 1.75 tonnes at its maximum 65m jib end. The complete upper works can be assembled in only four lifts, with the heaviest component weighing just 7.9 tonnes and a full 65m  jib in place with a single lift.

The MCT 205 comes with two different mast lengths – a 1.6m mast system which can be erected up to 60m jib with an end capacity of 2.2 ton and a 2m mast system which can be erected up to 65m  jib with an end capacity of 1.75 ton. The advantage of the 1.6m mast system is useful for construction that has limited climbing space. Both mast systems are available with floor climbing.

In addition, there are also two choices available for the winches as well. The 60 LVF 25 which has a rope capacity of 550m or you can choose 75 LVF 25 which gives 895m rope capacity. The latter provides a better length for high-rise construction.

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